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Hangin’ with Hockney

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Submitted by: Girl without a net

Compose a David Hockney-esque photo with a very strong center of interest.  Pick something that will tell a story, this can be a landscape, an object, a person, or even a constructed scene. 

Hockney photographed a large scene by breaking it up into many smaller ones. Think of your scene as having an invisible grid with overlapping squares placed upon it.

Begin shooting with only your waist turned three-quarters to the left. Standing in one place is paramount to a finished image with awesome perspective and interest.  Continue to shoot your first horizontal row of photos, remembering to always overlap the photo you just took, until you reach a position where your waist is turned three-quarters to the right.

Take between 12 and 48 photographs filling your imaginary grid from left to right.  (You will want these in order for ease of editing later.) Making sure they all overlap vertically and horizontally.

Collage your images together (a minimum of 12) creating a Hockney-esque image.  This can be done in GIMP, or any photo editing software. Your finished product should be no more than 11"x17", 300dpi

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