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Where Should Alan Go on Vacation?

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Submitted by: Alan Levine

Alan has had a long semester teaching ds106 and is starting to think of where he will go on vacation. Try to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker to remix the original project built around Alan's plans. You will remix the original base project to add images, video, maps, twitter info, text, URLs, and pop up text to create a new story. The original project has 8 different points where you should add new media. Make sure the things you are adding build towards a final ending of the story. In this case, you get to plan a post ds106 vacation for your instructor; there are marked places where you are able to remix in various kinds of media. Each of these is marked with a popcorn "pop up message". Look for the remix icon in the bottom right; this will launch the Popcorn Maker editing interface. The eight places to add content have an image placeholder; you can insert other media on a track above it (and you may should extend the duration of the still image clip, it will men moving things around on the timeline). If you really struggle with it, you can use your familiar video editor and the original clip as done on YouTube, but we really hope you give Popcorn a whirl.

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