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Harness Relationships: Make a Map with Kumu

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Submitted by: Stephen Rechter

Use the online organizational tool, Kumu, to create a web map of relationships. This can be anything: contacts, movies, your Ds106 assignments. Kumu offers a stellar way of organizing information and honing in on relationships between information. Maybe try converting a paper from another class into a Kumu map. Int his way, using Kume forces you to further explore the relationships between sources and source material.

I'm giving this three stars because the difficulty really depends on the scope of the project. Kumu can do big things. In my Adaptation class from a few semesters back, our class slowly compliled a massive list of interconnecting film, novel, comic book, etc. adaptations. We called each new entry a "textual vector." Check out the massive web of adaptations here: https://www.kumu.io/zachwhalen/vectors

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