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Personal Horror: A True Story

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Submitted by: Bill Genereux

For this DS106 Visual Assignment, I want you to tell a true story of horror. If you've never had anything horrible happen in your life, you won't be able to do this one. If you have and you dare to share it, do the following:

Search the Flickr photo archives for five images that when arranged in the correct sequence can tell the viewer your true story of horror. For this assignment, I want you to use only Creative Commons tagged photos. After entering your search terms, change the Flickr search result settings from "Any Licence" to "All Creative Commons" so you will only see images that the author grants you permission to use.

Download your five images using the small format option. Using photo editing software, create a single image that contains all five of your small images in one, telling your true story by reading them in sequence from left to right. Save as a single JPG image and upload to Flickr.

Post the image to your blog and treat it as a work of art. Give it a mysterious name, befitting a true story of horror. Many artists choose not to share the motivation behind their work, but some do. For this deeply personal assignment, you may chose either course.

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