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Layer Tennis

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Submitted by: Bill Genereux

Layer Tennis is a two player game, so for this assignment you'll need a partner. To count, this game must be played in public on Twitter so we all can watch! Find a a willing partner who will play with you. Begin by posting a tweet on twitter announcing a new match. Include the twitter names of the two players, use the hashtag #ds106Layers and upload an image (preferably funny) that will be the first serve.

Your partner must now edit the original photograph into something new and amazing, but the new picture must contain some element or aspect of the original. The partner then replies to the original tweet with the new image and the #ds106Layers tag.

This back and forth play continues on Twitter, by editing and improving the previous image and replying to the previous tweet. Play continues until both players have edited and posted three images. After these six images have been completed, the ds106 community can debate who prevailed in the match.

To see some professional matches, visit

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