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A Collage Of Your Favorite Vacation Pictures

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Submitted by: Cheyanne McKinney

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Make a collage of five pictures from your favorite vacation destinations. Then upload your collage to your flickr account. 

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Assignment Bank

The second assignment I completed was worth 3 stars. The goal of this assignment was to create a collage of your 5 favorite vacation spots and upload it to flickr. I used to create the collage. Here is the link to the original assignment:

The 5 places I …

Creating a Collage!

For this Visual Assignment, the objective is to create a collage of your favorite vacation pictures or destinations. The assignment is worth 3 stars.

To create this collage, I used the website Be Funky

Once you get to the website, click “create collage” at the top of the …

Wish I was there…

Background With the creation of the internet it has become much easier to learn about and see places you may not have seen otherwise. Any time I go on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter my feed is always filled with pictures of exotic destinations which gave me the idea to do …

Favorite Vacation Destination

My all time favorite place to go is Half Moon Bay, California. It is one of the cutest towns and most beautiful chilly beaches you will ever go to. To create this collage I just grabbed a few images off of google and used the pic stitch app to put …

Penn, Teller, Buildings, and Bagels! (2 Star VisualAssignments1674)

My top 5

Santorini, Greece- When I first arrived in Santorini it was about 10 o’clock at night and really dark.  We had a bus that picked us up from the ferry port that would drive us to our villa that we would be staying at for the next 4 days.  I remember…

The Resignment Village

I’ve settled down in my apartment now. Poking around in different corners I found some old photos of the Village, I’ve put them on the corkboard in the kitchen. I suspect they were taken by a previous resident, the photos look quite old, maybe 40 or 50 years I’d guess, …

My Village Vacation

My Village Vacation[/]

Visual Assignment 1674 asks us to, “Make a collage of five pictures from your favorite vacation destinations.” I went a little bit beyond five, but the vacation was so much fun and had so much to see!

I took advantage of all the villagers being on holiday …

Vacation Collage – 2 stars

Another visual assignment for ds106 this week was to create a vacation collage. I chose five of my favorite vacations and added the collage to my flickr page which you can find here.…

The Ultimate Dream Vacation

A Collage of Your Favorite Vacation Pictures

Description of Assignment: “Make a collage of five pictures from your favorite vacation destinations. The upload your collage to your Flickr account.”

For this Visual Assignment in order to create the collage, I used an app called “InstaCollage.” It is an app that …

I Need a Six Month Vacation Twice a Year

A collage of my favorite vacation destinations

I Need a Six Month Vacation Twice a Year

I created this photo collage for a Visual Assignment and added it to my flickr account. It depicts my favorite vacation destinations (that I have been to personally).

Let me start with why I decided to create this collage. Not only am I officially on summer vacation from my job …

Visual Assignments

A big part of my story lately, is the trip I took to Italy in November. The experience was mindblowing, and everyday held a new adventure. I spent 2 full days just wnadering around Rome and getting lost with a Preist friend of mine. I spent another day and a …

Collage of Vacation Pictures

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oh, the places I’ve been…

If there’s one thing in the world I love, it’s travelling.

I grew up all over the country, and have relatives on every coast. My I took my first plane ride alone when I was 8, and my last one about a week ago. Being in different biospheres, eating new …