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Submitted by: Miranda O'Connor

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To complete this assignment, pick 4-5 sounds that you enjoy hearing! Then, compile them into an audio file, and share!

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My Hobby Sounds

I decided to pick four sounds associated with a few of my hobbies: playing Magic: The Gathering with friends, playing video games, target shooting and cooking.

A positive attitude changes everything

How you begin your day can affect the outcome.  Getting up on the wrong side of the bed is a figure of speech implying a grouchy or irritable state of mind, especially when the day’s activities are not in line with one’s normal disposition.  Your attitude and actions can have …

Favorite Sounds

For this assignment, I immediately knew which sounds I was going to use.

I went to and searched for a baby laughing, rain, waves, and a kitten purring. Once I had downloaded those sounds, I went into Audacity and placed the sounds to play one after the …

lil snippet of home

For one of my audio assignments, I chose to create a collection of my favorite sounds based on my home growing up. In this clip, you hear the rumbling snores of a big dog, piano music playing in the background (in this case, The Entertainer by Scott Joplin), a podcast …

A Collection Of Your Favorite Sounds

The refreshing sound of a carbonated beverage pour…

The satisfying noise of solid contact in baseball…

The sound of a good tee shot…

A crisp drink being opened in a can…

Audio Assignments

Here is a compilation of my absolute favorite sounds!  I love hearing my horse call out to me in excitement, the waves crashing down on the beach from the ocean, the sound of birds on the first sunny, spring morning and the timer on the oven letting me know the …

“These Are A Few of My Favorite”… Sounds!

For this assignment from the assignment bank, I was to create an audio recording of four or five of my favorite sounds. This really got me thinking because I’ve never really thought about what sounds I actually like. I know what sounds I don’t like because every time I hear …

Some of the Good Sounds

This assignment I had to mash up some of my favorite sounds. One of my favorite sounds that I couldn’t get into the clip was wind blowing through trees/leaves. In digital form it usually ends up sounding like wind noise (which I do like, but it just didn’t work for …

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