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A Digital Reflection of Myself

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Submitted by: Joshua Whiting

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I had pulled multiple Xbox avatar pictures off of my console and my computer just to have. I really focused on having the avatar look like me. For this assignment I wanted to publically make that known. Taking a similar picture of myself as one of my avatar .jpgs was simple but editing it to have a blank background was way more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Rather I should say more time comsuming than anything. Worth the outcome I believe and at the very least this builds on my knowledge of some photo atlering software and this little project sparked ideas for the future.  

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Digital Mirror

For this assignment, I used the Bitmoji app on my phone to create a digital version of myself. I must say the resemblance is striking!

Just Like a Mirror

This is my response to the A Digital Reflection of Myself assignment, worth 3.5 stars. I had to produce a digital doppelganger of myself. I used my Nintendo 3ds to create a Mii based on myself. I couldn’t figure out a way to take a screenshot with the 3ds, so …

The Amber Avatar!

I chose to make an avatar of myself this week! I’ve made them before on the computer for a game (The Sims) and whenever playing xbox. But I’ve never made one just because. This was as good of a time as ever to try! I used this avatar creator site

A Digital Reflection Of Myself

For this assignment I decided to create and Xbox avatar of myself. I decided to use my Xbox for this because I play a lot of video games so it feels like a persona i take on almost every day. The one complaint I have about using this medium is …

Digital Assignment: My Own Avatar

Digital Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank:
A Digital Reflection Of Myself…or…I Designed My Own Avatar!
*I am currently working my way through my fourth semester of the Information and Learning Technologies master’s program at University of Colorado, Denver.  This is the fourth post within a series of …

Not quite a mirror…

So, for this assignment, I decided that I would add a couple layers and do it slightly different than the two people before me. They both used xbox avatars to complete the assignment, but it didn’t expressly say to do so. I started to make an avatar of myself elsewhere, …

Digital Reflection of Myself

This assignment of making a digital reflection of yourself was actually quite easy in my opinion. It was kind of easy because on my Xbox Live account I had already created a virtual/digital version of myself. The only thing that I had to figure out was how to get it …

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