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A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem

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For this Writing Assignment, you're asked to write a haiku poem about haiku poems. You can write about what people normally write in a haiku poem, how a haiku poem is formed, and/or how you feel about writing haiku poems. This assignment might sound tricky, but I know you can do it! Write at least 9 lines (3 sets) and have fun. 

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Submissions So Far

Haiku about a Haiku

A type of poem

With seventeen syllables

And 3 lines in all

Descriptive and Short

Lines one and three get 5 beats

Line two gets seven

You don’t have to rhyme

Just be careful with your counts

Simple to write up…

Haiku Ode.

Haiku o haiku

O what to say about you

And fit the words too


Playful, sweet, and fun

Or making me think a ton

In so few words done


 With rhythm and rhyme

Measured so justly and prime

Keeping it in time…

A Haiku

Writing three haikus
Is much harder than it seems
Like rocket science

Thinking of the words,
Five syllables first and last,
Seven in between

Hey, I’ve got this now
I feel like William Shakespeare

Haiku on the Haiku

For the writing assignment, “A Haiku Poem About a Haiku Poem” (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/a-haiku-poem-about-a-haiku-poem/), I was supposed to writing a three-stanza haiku poem about the Haiku poem itself. I first decided that my topic would be on my interest in attempting to translate any given haiku into another language. I noted that …

” A haiku about a haiku”

For my third and last assignment for the Writing Week I choose to do ” A Haiku Poem about a Haiku poem”  with a total of three points which satisfies my requirement for 8 stars of writing category assignment bank! ” A Haiku Poem about a Haiku Poem” tasks you …

A Haiku Poem about a Haiku Poem

Ever wonder what to write a haiku poem about? Well here is my haiku poem with some ideas.


People, places, things

Things to write in a haiku

Anything you like


Love, trust, happy, sad

Emotions at their highest

Writing a haiku


Work, life, family

Everything that I …

Haikkus about Haikus (revised)

This assignment was trickier than expected. With so few syllables, I had to make my thoughts clear and concise.

A Haiku about a Haiku

I decided to do two Haiku poems for this assignment. It was a lot trickier than I anticipated. When you are limited to only 17 syllables you need to be concise with your thoughts.


I decided to complete the haiku poem assignment.


Writing a haiku poem about writing a haiku poem seemed interesting. Being a geology major, I generally write about things with a physical existence. I don’t write about thoughts or feelings but about the immediate physical world around me. Needless to …

Jim Jam’s Bizarre Adventure 2015-10-23 19:11:55

For this assignment, I decided to put a little twist on it. Working with @TheHeadReaper, we created a couple of pretty awesome haikus as told by our host characters. Here, you get a little bit of their personality through verse. (Victor sure loves his coffee, that’s for sure)

Cascade …

Haiku About a Haiku

Finding words is hard I stare at the screen hopeless Time keeps flying by Sitting in silence Eyelids start to get heavy Fighting urge to sleep Tired of counting Alas inspiration hits This line makes nine I found this exercise … Continue reading →

Schoolhouse of the Rising Sun

For this assignment, I wrote about an elementary school student who thinks he’s late for class, and panicking about the teacher’s potential punishment for that. After his classmate helps him with the haiku project, the teacher forgives him, saying he was tardy, as well.

Schoolhouse of the Rising Sun

I’m sorry I’m late.
Heavy traffic this morning
Has cost me a grade.

What are you, crazy?
No teacher’s ever been a

Even if that’s true,
My teacher will not approve
Of absent students!

Just take a deep breath,
Think of today’s assignment,
And you’ll be okay.

We’re …

Haiku Me, Haiku You

Haikus can be fun
Haikus can also be dumb
This is the latter

You must begin with five
Then you upgrade to seven
And then you regress

These are lots of fun
And when you read them out loud
Your friends will smile…

On the Shores of Gitchigumi

It’s a Haiku

On the Shores of Gitchigumi

Words written on paper

Probably about something

I’m not sure I know

Some say cosmic thoughts

Deep meaning from within you

Bearing soul to all

Is this comedy?

Am I only just a jerk?

Or is this Profound?


Haiku about Haikus

My dad loves to write.

Feelings flow out easily.

Haiku form of choice.


First child goes to school.

Haiku soothes parental wound.

His mark is left here:


“Bards apology

He has more feeling than skill

Haiku is blunt tool”…

Some tasty Haikus


Sitting on a word

Delicacy must not fade

You are what you write.


A haiku is love

Knowing oneself is not so

The two coincide.


Love is what I’m for

Love and writing poetry

Which do you prefer?


Creating your Own Digital Assignment

I chose to do a Writing Assignment! I called it “A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem” and deemed it four stars. My description of for the assignment is: “For this Writing Assignment, you’re asked to write a haiku poem about haiku poems. You can write about what people normally …

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