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A-Z Food Photo Collage

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Submitted by: JOHN

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A wonderful food photot collage.

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Foods from A – Z

This assignment was a joy ~ I love food!  I was able to find all the food images on Google Images.  Finding something that was a fairly common food item for each letter is trickier than you think.  I used upside down cake for U, quiche for Q, and …

Alphabet Food

This week, I chose to make an A-Z food collage for 2 stars!

Going in to this, I thought, “Oh this’ll be super easy. I love food!” However, there are some letters that are very rare in the food world, like J, Q, U, V, and X.  For these, I …

ds106 – Assignment Bank – July 17, 2015 – Visual – A-Z Food Photo Collage

Assignment:  A-Z Food Photo Collage

This is my A-Z vegan food collage.

Now I’m Hungry!

One visual assignment I chose was the A-Z Food Collage (2 Stars). I thought this assignment seemed like a good one since I like to think about food because food makes me happy

The hardest part of this assignment was finding words to use for certain foods. The letters I …


For my remix assignment this week, I chose an assignment that looked fun, the A to Z food picture collage, and hit remix. The first one that came up was the “‘Stache it” assignment. I figured I could have some fun with that one, so I went for it.…

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what the heck do vegans even eat?!

As a vegan, I get a lot of questions…

Well, what do you eat?!

My answer: a whole lot, actually! I looooove food, and I’ll be real- if I found this diet to be annoyingly restrictive or devoid of delicious food, I would’ve bailed a long long time ago.

My …