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Adventure in a Day!

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Submitted by: Micaela Butler

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The day we went on a roller coaster!

Use whatever camera option you have (photobooth, instagram, etc.) and go on an adventure for the day! Many photobooths on the computer have the option to get different backgrounds and pretend you're somewhere else. Use them and try to create a story around that photo. An extra star if you can use multiple photos to create a photo story! 

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Life on the Beach

Growing up in Miami has its pluses… Jota is right on the beach in his Florida home. For this visual assignment, I had to take a photo and use an app to crop me somewhere else. I also decided to make this assignment for my character, Jota.

Jota took a …

Shaded in my bucket hat


I found an awesome app for this assignment called Cut Me In.  Its free on the app store and there’s a pretty big variety of places to put yourself in.  Decided to crop myself into Madagascar to chill with some lemurs.

Here is a link to the assignment.…

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