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Submitted by: Jennifer Polack

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Imagine if certain events in history never happened or happened differently - what would the world be like today.  Create a new image that puts a historic figure in a different environment if history was changed or change a scene that would look different if history was altered.  For example,  James Dean didn't die maybe he could have won an Oscar for The Color of Money in 1987.  Another example, if the Cuban Missle Crisis became a full-scale war, cities such as New York, Washington, Moscow all become wastelands.  Use photoshop, gimp or some other image software.  Cannot upload an existing image.

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Submissions So Far

The Beatles 2019 Europe / US Tour

Hello, everyone! In my mid-weekly post, I answered the question regarding what might happen if The Beatles had never broken up. I wasn’t quite sure how to translate that into an image–at first I thought about editing photos of John Lennon and George Harrison and edit them to look …

Dean & Hepburn


For our Alternative History Image assignment, we were instructed to create a new image putting a historic figure in a new environment. This post is supposed to reflect our previous response to the question of the week. My response to the question of the week was broad and a …

Mongolians in Kentucky

Mongolian occupation of Kentucky.

The Terror of War

A redux of the 1972 photo by Nick Ut, “The Terror of War”.

A room with a view

This post is for the Alternative History Image assignment in the DS106 assignment bank.

The image is a picture of the High Line in New York City.  Opened in 2009, the High Line is a public park built on a historic freight rail line elevated above the streets on Manhattan’s …

Alternate History

I love conspiracy theories and I love laughing at fake news. One of my favorite websites is Snopes, one of my professors showed us this great site. Basically you look up a fake news article and Snopes will tell you if it’s real or fake. While on the site …

Blast from the Past, Henry Ford

Inspiration Served with Dr. Pepper

I was craving Dr. Pepper earlier, in addition to a quiet place to work on my alternate history assignment, so I set out on a trip to the local Sheetz. After I arrived, I got my Dr. Pepper, had a seat in the …

Design on my own

First off, this was so fun but also really frustrating. I have no experience with any type of design software so this was a real learning curve for me. I used Pixlr to create my alternative history and the software itself was difficult to figure out.

In thinking about my …

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Tutorials So Far

Blast from the Past, Henry Ford (Tutorial)

Unveiling the Model E

For the alternate history assignment tutorial, we will be using Pixabay and Adobe Photoshop.   The photos from Pixabay include Henry Ford, an electric-car charger, and a parking lot.