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Submitted by: K Walker

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Use a video that you created in DS106 and blend it with a movie of similar content. Use Movie Maker or another editing tool to splice and dice a scene(s) from the two movies so they appear as one. The new combined video should be portrayed as before and after or is it after and before? You decide. The video should be between 3-4 minutes. Get creative.

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A red apple from a stranger

I used iMovie to compile two movie clips that feature the famous red poison apple. The first clip is from the movie, Enchanted, and the second clip is from the original Disney’s, Snow White. I think the clips transitioned nicely as they covered the same theme. A piece of advice, …

From Marriage to Death or Death to Marriage

This video was created by combining a video of La Noir, my host character, and the Bride of Frankenstein. Movie Maker was used to import both videos and edit scenes. As zombies, which comes first the wedding or death? Watch it here

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