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Submitted by: James Cruz

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Talk about the best assignment you have ever completed in ds106. Why do you think it was the best assignment you have completed? Was it because of the response you had from the community?

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XimeR esreveR A edaM I(Remixed WritingAssignments554)

For this assignment you are supposed to talk about your favorite assignment from DS106.  For this remix, you’re supposed to play that assignment backwards.

Original Assignment

My favorite assignment for DS106 was one of the assignments I created for the class (yes, I am very narcissistic).  This assignment was a …

Best Assignment – Black Widow

The Best Assignment that i have done for ds106 so far would have to be the Character Dossier. I really enjoyed this part of the week’s activities because it let me be creative and use my imagination with a character. Margaret Pinault aka Black Widow is a seductive women who …

Best Assignment!

Even though it is only second week of the class, I had really interesting assignments so far. Among those assingments, I really loved the daily create. I completed three : A Cat. On Syntesizers. In Space, You? Yodel? Yep!, and the Eye Selfie. From those, I really like You? Yodel? …

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