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Submitted by: Abigail Deaconson

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Everyone has bad pictures, but few of us actually TRY to take bad pictures. So in this assignment, the goal is to take a picture of something recognizable, but manipulate lighting and movement to make it unrecognizable. If you want to take a bad selfie, the goal can be to distort your face and surroundings so that you look like a different person. Post it to your blog and have people try to guess what/who the picutre is of. You suceeded in the assignment if nobody can recognize you or the subject of your photo. Have fun!

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Guess What It Is

What it says on the tin. Guess what this photo I deliberately messed up is.…

It ends in a flash

In a world where everything has gone dark, the animals start to attack. Even the cute little rabbits and squirrels are bound to rip your face off. What caused the world to end up this way?

All you can remember is a flash of light. When you look at your …

“Blackmail”: Blurred Image Challenge

Make a quick guess: what is normally recognizable, and is distorted through photography in the image below?

For this visual assignment, I was instructed to take a recognizable subject and distort an image of it to be unrecognizable. I primarily relied on image blurring during the photo-session, while using …

What am I looking at??

The goal of this assignment was to take a picture of something recognizable and make it unrecognizable. This was worth 4 stars.  I used my phone to take a really blurry picture of an object in my living room. Here is the link to the original assignment:

Can you …

blurred lines

 I had to use movement and light to distort something so I got my camera and took a photo while moving it. Hopefully it is completely unrecognizable as that was the purpose of the photo.…

Week 3 pt. 2: Blurred Lines

The purpose of this assignment was to take a photo and use lighting and blur to render it unrecognizable. If a picture of a person is taken, that person should look completely different.

Link to Assignment:

Stars: 4

Process: This photo was taken with an iPhone SE and selected …

Bad Photo

I didn’t know how hard it would be to purposely take a bad photo.…

Guess the Thing Part 2

For my next assignment, I had to take a distorted picture of something and make it as unrecognizable as I could. Can you guess what this is?

Blackmail Photograph

Can you guess what is in each of these paintings in this picture after I distorted it? I’ll give you the hint that it’s a food that you can eat.…

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4 Star Assignment Bank

Love the money.. How much money is pictured in this distorted “bad photo”?#VisualAssignments #VisualTutorials1658

— abby hunt (@abbissss) September 16, 2016

This 4 star assignment required me to take a “bad picture”. I’m sure you can you recognize what this photo is of… but how much green is …