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Bring your Pet to School

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Submitted by: Felicia Liu

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Do you miss your pet while you are in school? Do you ever wish that you could bring your pet to school with you? This tutorial assignment will allow your dream to come true. You can use GIMP or other photo edit software to place your pet anywhere on your campus. This assignment can use any photo editing software that you wish to use. 

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Submissions So Far

Daisy visits D.J. at UMW

Original assignment found here  (3 Stars)

This was a fun assignment as I love my pets. I have a few Miniature Pinschers and a Himalayan Persian. Daisy is the youngest of all the dogs. This assignment made me realize that getting Adobe Photoshop will make the visual assignments much easier.…

It’s a Dog’s Life

What does everyone love to do at UMW to destress? to have some fun? just because it’s a Tuesday? The red spin chairs in the convergence center, of course. Not only are these chairs favored by all the people at UMW, but they could definitely be the highlight of a …

Visiting Bonnie Sue

Today I decided to go visit Bonnie Sue at the school and bring her by some lunch! I rode my horse into town because it was a beautiful day. All the kids at the school got a kick out of petting my horse and getting to see him.

For this …

Kya comes to UMW!

As I have already stated in a previous assignment, I am obsessed with my dog so how could I not complete this assignment. It required me to crop my dog anywhere on campus and I thought simple enough. This assignment was actually fairly easy for me because I found …

Bring Your Pet To School

In this photo I cropped my pet parrot into the UMW campus, right here he is sitting on top of George Washington Hall.


I also had trouble cropping my pet into this picture on campus. I couldn’t fully integrate my bird into the sky.


4 Stars.…

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Tutorials So Far

How’d he get there?! Tutorial 1

This is a tutorial for The “Bring your pet to school” assignment, worth 3 stars in the design section.

This tutorial goes about this process in a different way, that can be done on any PC. One unknown tool that I believe to be severely underutilized is Microsoft PowerPoint’s photo …