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Change of Scenery

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Submitted by: Amy Clark

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Put yourself or others into another setting. Using Gimp or photoshop take people out of multiple pictures and then make them fit into a photo of a setting (i.e. a street or beach or open field) 

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Submissions So Far

Joe Goes To The Beach.. And Doesn’t Have Fun

This week, I did an assignment (4.5 stars) that was to photoshop people into a different setting. For this assignment I photoshopped Joe (my secret agent) and his work friend at a beach. Joe is crying because his friend won’t share his toys and also he is just really stressed …

Hockey in Space

For this design assignment I was instructed to add or place myself or others into a setting that they would seem out of place in. For this particular task I wanted to incorporate my created character, Rocket Richard. Being that my character is a hockey player I wanted to somehow …

Group trip to Tysons Corner: Change of Scenery

In a case of photoshop, I took pictures of four different individuals and put them somewhere else. In this photoshop case, I placed myself, from a picture with my brother, Antonio in the sweater from a picture with a group of friends at the beach, Nancy in white tank top …

Change of Scenery: 5 Stars

The full assignment description can be found here. The end goal for this assignment is to place characters into a different setting than the original image.

For this assignment, I created an image of a pet store with different animals in the parking lot outside.

 this original image then …

When Pet Friends Become Food

9 year-old Isabella LOVES and ADORES her chickens. They aren’t just her pets, they are her very best friends! Every afternoon, Isabella goes outside to talk and play with her chickens. There isn’t anything in this world that makes Isabella happier than her pet chickens do. Look at that smile! …

Slipknot Entertaining the Kids


For the Change of Scenery assignment, I created the photo above. I guess the daycare decided to hire the heavy metal band Slipknot to entertain the kids.

Behind the Creation

As strange as it may seem, I am a fan of rock and heavy metal. I don’t keep up …

Design Assignment – Change Of Scenery

This assignment, Change of Scenery, has you place a character or characters into a different background. Since we had to incorporate other characters from our class, I went with Josh Whiting’s Donnie Rejj, who is a cyborg cowboy, namely because he had provided a picture I felt I


This assignment call Change of Scenery required you to put yourself or others in a different setting. This assignment was worth 4 stars and I had a lot of fun completing this one. To complete this assignment I used the app fotobom. I took two different pictures, one of myself …

A new member of the Sound of Music

Welcome Elizabeth The new Maria!

Many years ago this young lady played Gretel in the Sound of Music. I thought it only fitting to include her in the family picture, but as Maria. Thanks, Liz!…

Change of Scenery- 3 Stars

This assignment was kind of fun. I choose to use a craft store because that is what my character owns. I put Zach Wylde (Ozzy guitar player, singer/guitar player for Black Label Society), a bunch of kittens, and Toothless the dragon (How to train your dragon) in the store. I …

Change of Scenery


The one thing I learned in College is… TO LOVE BASEBALL!!! Just kidding, I have learned so many things in college, but it has taught me to have appreciation for sporting events. My favorite baseball team is the Washington Nationals. If you follow baseball like me then you know …

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial for Photoshop

Hey y’all. I chose to do this tutorial because going through this class, you really need to know how to photoshop. You can download apps on your laptop, but I think it’s way easier to work with your hands and do it on your phone. So. For this assignment, I …

How to Design a Story Poster with Adobe Photoshop

Please click here for assignment page

Assignment Stars: 4.2

I chose this assignment because it served my need for the poster I wanted to have on my story. I took several pictures of different dinosaur toys. For this assignment I knew that I have use the magic wand tool in …

How to remove a background

For this tutorial I will show you how to use the software GIMP to remove the background from any image and then place the image onto another image.

We are going to start with these two pictures


Open GIMP and upload the picture of Harry Potter

In order to …