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Character Word Cloud

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Submitted by: Krystal H.

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For this assignment, create a word cloud that relates to your class character. Use an online tool such as You can even choose the shape, theme, and color to best suit your particular character. Make sure the text you choose to use is meaningful for your character

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Bitcoin Word Cloud

This word cloud was inspired by Bitcoin hitting its all time high in terms of price yesterday. Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is a secure platform through means of cryptography. The created of Bitcoin is an unknown person who goes by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. He created Bitcoin …

Agent Fawn word cloud

The Character Word Cloud assignment worth 3 stars, was all about creating a word cloud for your particular character. (Though the example was a tv show.) The suggestion was to use wordclouds to create it. I decided to use the assignments I had already written for my character to fill …

World Cloud


I ended up creating this assignment myself because I couldn’t find one close enough to it that I liked. I used to create a word cloud that relates to my character, Agent A. I used the character dossier that I created previously to pull the words from. I …

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