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Complete Family Photo

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Submitted by: Jack Mulrey

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Family members often live far away, so it is hard to get them all in one picture. Also, pets aren't always cooperative in front of the camera. As such, I challenge you to fit ALL of your family members in one photo. Pets fill it up nicely. If not, get your extended family in there. I'm not saying to take a picture. Edit them together!

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Submissions So Far

The Zombie Family

The Family of La Noir and Roary. I created this photo by adding two additional zombie people to an existing picture of La Noir. Then I added birds and hands reaching up from the ground. Each added photos was resized, recolored, and had the background set to transparent.

Agency Photo

Complete Family Photo (3 stars)

The following is The Darkening Agency Christmas Time Photo. Shadow is on the right and Caleb is on the left. There are no other agents making this in to a bro night reunion. Some editing on word was done to make Shadow more visible.

All the Cousins Together Again

I guess I’m on a Gimp kick. For this assignment I did the Complete Family¬†assignment. My cousins and I have not been all together in YEARS so I decided to make us one big happy family again. I cut everyone out of their respective photos and merged them all…

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