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Create a Game of Thrones House

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Submitted by: Emily Stallings

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Create your own Game of Thrones House name and Sigil. is a useful tool for creating your own Sigil!

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Submissions So Far

Game of Thrones remix

For this assignment I chose to do the remix button for it. I had to make a Game of Thrones house siglia and with my remix had to “stache it” which I took to meaning add a mustache to the house siglia. I used the website which is …

House of Kong

My husband is a huge fan of GOT. His last name is Kong. He’s also the 81st generation of Confucius. The Sigil is a symbol of Confucianism. It’s also a Chinese character for ‘water’. In Confucianism, the flow of water represents the essence of wisdom.

House of The Rising Sun

This assignment called for creating my own Game of Thrones banner. That includes family name, symbol, and a house quote. Creating a house name was quite simple as my spy’s name is Robert’s.

I chose the quote to be “House of the rising sun” for two reasons. One being that …

Game of Thrones Sigil

I am a huge GOT fan, so this was a great assignment to do. This is my finished sigil:

I used my last name as the house name because I think it is a pretty strong name. The icon is some sort of bird that I thought was really cool …

Agent Smith – Sigil Revelation

Curses….I’ve been captured by the enemy…forced to reveal information of my employers. I am sorry to my fellow spys, but our corporation has been revealed so they know who you are now! You need to change your identities as soon as possible! We can’t allow house Spyster to fall, no …

House Hawkins

For my third assignment, I decided to do the Create a Game of Thrones House assignment from the visual assignments. Game of Thrones is definitely one of my favorite shows (PS – all of your fan theories are probably wrong), and as a huge nerd for medieval history this assignment …

House Khokar

I have a confession. I spend a lot of my downtime watching Game of Thrones when I’m not on a mission. To my delight, I found a Game of Thrones related assignment in the Visual section of the assignment bank. All I had to do was visit JoinTheRealm and stylize …

Agent Smith – The Dragons are Coming

Watch out secret agents! A new house has emerged with it’s wailing signs of dragons returning to the earth. While you may thing something of this magnitude is silly, I for one think it can come true! After all, winter has finally come after it was broadcasted across the globe …

Visual Assignment (2 1/2 Stars)

Create a Game of Thrones House

When scrolling through the visual assignments I decided my first assignment needed to be Game of Thrones related. It is my  favorite TV show and book series of all times. However, I didn’t want to use my own last name to create a House …

Visual Assignment 1: Gotta Catch Em’

Visual Assignment 1: Gotta Catch Em’

I am a huge pokemon fan! So much so that I love to play the video game on my free time and recently, my husband and I have gotten into Pokemon Go! In order to honor my love of Pokemon and Game of Thrones, …

Create A Game Of Thrones House

Here is the mighty crest of the O’Donnell family. The bright colors represent our explosive personality. The cigar is to show that we are gamblers. The Cheetah represents what we are at heart, cheats. Finally our family motto, “If you are going to be a phony be a big one”.…

Visual Assignment: GoT House

Game of Thrones: Weberos

If anyone in the western world hasn’t heard of the Game of Thrones series, they’re either Amish or live under a rock (do the Amish count as part of the western world?). I read the first four books in a month, about a book a week, and I loved them– …

Game of Thrones House

My boyfriend and I were cracking up when I made this. I inserted the picture of a cat and the subtitle just came to me. I’ve often told friends and family that my spirit animal is the cat because personality-wise we are similar. I have just always had cats and …

Never Dormant

Create A Game of Thrones House

Create your own Game of Thrones House name and Sigil. is a useful tool for creating your own Sigil! (3 stars)

I’ve always loved the idea of creating a Game of Thrones house because I just live an breath Game of Thrones.  …

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