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Create a movie poster for your website

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Submitted by: Elizabeth Castillo

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John Torres's Movie Poster

Create a "movie poster" for you picture. Include your website name and a few pictures

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Movie Poster for My DS106 Website

This design assignment to make a movie poster for your website appealed to me on many levels (not least of which is the many years I spent working in movie theatres and collecting movie posters).
Having titled my site a DS106 Odyssey, I started looking for sailing ships, thinking of…

Greg Kwiatkowski – A Winning Coach

Our family became active members in the Springhill Ski Racing Club, where our two boys learned to compete in ski racing under the guidance of dedicated ski coaches. Learning to ski on the side of a floodway ditch is not exactly “mountain skiing”, but what our teams lacked in altitude…

The ds106 – A Movie Poster

The God Father
Vannevar Bush
In 1939, Vannevar Bush was appointed as the president of Carnegie Institute. Since then, he could have given suggestions for research for military purpose. Moreover, in the same year, he became chairman of National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
He had known that military authority had…

The Reaper of DS 106 movie poster

This is my DesignAssignments110 create a movie poster. I have always wanted to create a movie poster. I not only used my blog identity location in our class but used the entire class as people who worked on this movie. To do this go to…

The ds106 99: #10 bavatuesdays…the movie

ds106 internaut Elizabeth Castillo recently came up with a Design Assignment I just couldn’t resist: “Create a movie poster for your website.” I kind of think of my blog as inspired by movies, so this assignment immediately appealed to me, and I made quick work of this —kept it minimalistic—but…

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