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Create Your Favorite Book Cover

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Submitted by: Anna Cotuna

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Design Assignment

Find you favorite book you would like to create a new cover for or to edit the original one. Be creative! For this assignment I used photoshop. 


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Submissions So Far

By the Book

Hello, everyone! Last week, I mentioned that one of my favorite book series is the Theatre Illuminata trilogy; while all three of those brooks are pretty flawed, in hindsight, they will always have a special place in my heart. So, for the alternate book cover assignment, I chose to create …

The Sun Sets and The Moon Rises

My book is written around the alternative history that the United States does not become a nation, until the “London Declaration” in 1949 (though much like India, I made it 1950) and because of British territorial wars, was never expanded beyond it’s 13 colonies.

The Fury of Our Maker’s Hand

I put a bit of a spin on this challenge and created my own alternative, fictional book cover. The cover references back to this week’s question of the week, and uses my trusted, favorite fictional character Ignis Prom.

Elvis has NOT Left the Building

When asked to think of an event in history that would change history I immediately thought of, what if Elvis didn’t actually die August 16th, 1977. I know I might seem like a super fan since this will be my second post about the King Rock and Roll, but to …

Celebrating fifty years of Modern Design

What if the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 never happened?  What would the World Trade Center Twin Towers look like today?

This book cover is a hypothetical depiction of what the World Trade Center in New York City may look like if the original twin towers were …

Hot Cars just got Steamier

Revisiting a Classic

Here, I will be giving my first glimpse into life in a world without internal combustion engines.  For the assignment, I have chosen to edit the cover of Stephen King’s Christine.  Christine tells the story of a young man who becomes possessed by the evil …

Creating Alternate History


What would the world be like if the British never colonizes The Americas, India, or Australia? My book aims to explore this idea through the eyes of a teen who went from our universe to another.

Creating this cover and description was a long process with my indecisive mind juggling …

Create your Favorite Book Cover!

As soon as I saw this assignment, I got so excited because I knew I would have a lot of fun with this assignment. My favorite book when I was a child was called “If You Give A Pig A Pancake.” I chose this book because I knew I could …

Create Your Favorite Book Cover

My book cover creation! I used Photoshop…

Create your favorite book cover

My favorite book series of all time is the “Harry Potter” series. They taught me at a young age to love reading. My generation grew up with the series. Some of my best childhood memories are going to the movie premieres or standing in long lines to get the newest …

Create Your Favorite Book Cover {Carlito’s Way}

Original Assignment (3 stars)

I must say, It feels great to have Photoshop installed on my macbook once again. When I stumbled upon this assignment, I knew that I had to tackle it. Now, I’m going to keep it real and confess that I’m not much of a book/novel reader. …

Fifty Shades of Wee-Bey

It had to be done. Design a book cover.  I had to go with parody, because I don’t take fluffy beach froth like this book too seriously.  On a deeper note, there might actually BE fifty different aspects to Wee-Bey’s character.  We see the fish hobbyist, the loyal Barksdale employee, …

Scarface…featuring Omar

This is one of my favorite movies adapted into a book. I thought Omar would fit perfectly just from the title alone.…

Less Than Zero My Way

Week 6 is all about that design life. I get it, designing all week.. I mean we have to 15 stars, like whoa.. Any who, i was a little late to this scene so i started off with a somewhat simple assignment. For my first Design Assignment, i chose “Create

A cover for the ages


I am currently taking a Gothic Literature course and reading Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights. When I saw the book cover assignment I was immediately thinking of this novel and how to come up with a cover for it. I have many different versions of the book that I have …

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Tutorials So Far

The Creation of Elvis has Not Left the Building

To create this assignment I started with a plain desktop background template on Canva. This is a good size that offers you a lot of room to work with.

I then took added an image of another book cover so I could have some idea on what size I …

Hot Cars just got Steamier (Tutorial)

Fair Warning

I am not experienced at making tutorial videos, but I am thorough.  So, this might not be as exciting to watch as an HGTV how-to video on remodeling, but  after watching, you will be able to recreate the final product without issue.  This video covers how to acquire …