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Create Your Own Cipher

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Submitted by: Hannah Bruns

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This assignment goes along with the secret agent theme. Create your own cipher, a system for disguising a message by replacing its letters with other letters or numbers or by shuffling them, and share it on your blog or other social media accounts. Have people in the class try and figure out your cipher and see how long it takes them!


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Create Your Own Cipher






This is the secret message of my own cipher. I used a substitution alphabet keyword cipher. Basically, the way this type of cipher works is where you put your keyword to the first letters of the alphabet, and then …

My Encryption Method

I find encryption and cryptography fascinating. Without encryption our computer systems would be insecure today. Also bitcoin uses cryptography to function as a digital currency. Bitcoin is the first digital currency that was created in 2009. If you haven’t heard of Bitcoin you should research it.

Here is my encrypted …

Agent Smith – Cipher


LKyggncCjt, kgoow2 bjgCnt. :k @wm byg ygbhcCj nxct, @wm byg gcnxgy b te@ wy : bi hgge 2cnxcC nxg ZwCkcCgt wk b obDwybnwy@ bCh : bi tnmZp? Pogbtg, : Cggh bC XWBH? BjgCn Sicnx, tcjCcCj wkk.

-Agent Smith


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