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Creating your own character

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Submitted by: Joey

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Create a character covering all aspects of them. Write about a paragraph of backstory, cover their appearence, personality, likes, dislikes, and what their place is in their world.

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Submissions So Far

All about Summer Sails

Back story:

Summer Sails has been teaching Preschool classes at her local daycare for about 3 years now. Before landing this job she bounced back and forth between several retail jobs. She has a knack for being around people and is great at customer service! She was top of her …

Create a character: Mannfred ‘Sandbar’ Black

Name: Mannfred ‘Sandbar’ Black

facial hair: thick dark brown beard

clothing: tall, worn boots, brown legs with tattered ends, simple cloth tunic with leather chest piece over it

weapons: two cutlasses at his waist

personality: loud and boisterous, as willing to spend a night in the bar getting plastered with …

Nate Craig – A Character Like No Other

Name: Nathan Craig (Nate)

Age: 26

Sex: Male.

Physical Description: 5 Feet 10 inches tall, Neck length, well kept, brown hair, green eyes.  Athletic without being musclebound.

Sign: Scorpio (October 31 – no joke!)

Marital Status: Looking

Likes: Halloween, Ultimate Frisbee, Mom’s Cookies, Late Night Walks, Rabbits (I had one …


A witch that did not have any family until she almost kills a famous warlock on London streets.

Gwen’s Character Bio

This is from a fanfiction I’m working on about my character in Final Fantasy. Dweeby, I know, but it’s a thing!

Why speed date when you have all you need right here?

For one of my character assignments, I chose the Create Your Own Character assignment.  Although, instead of creating your own character as the assignment suggests, I chose to elaborate a bit on my main man Vinny D! In order to meet some of this weeks criteria, I chose to collaborate …

The Skinny on Johnny Corner Pocket

I chose the create your own character assignment but since I have already created a character I’m going to expand on Johnny “Corner Pocket” McCormick’s life and what his life is looking like now. I inclued Jack Eaton’s character, El Jota in this and collaborated with him the story of …

A Little More About Jota

One thing for sure, Jota has a dream. He has a desire of owning his own multi-million dollar estate with a supermodel wife, driving a red Ferrari 458 around town.
Born and raised in one of the party capitals of America, Miami Fl, Jota knows how to boogie like no…

Create Your Own Character

For my third post, I chose to complete the assignment titled Creating Your Own Character.  The instructions asked me to write about a paragraph of backstory, including the following information:

The character’s appearance
The character’s likes
The character’s dislikes
The character’s personality
The character’s place in the world

I …

Table for One – FanFic Assignment

“Table for one, please.” He says in a crowded Saturday morning where all the hungover kids scarf down their breakfast in an attempt to calm their stomachs.

Kevin Reowl’s six foot frame follows the waitress to the table and slides into the seat and stares at the other chair across …

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Tutorials So Far

No, I do not play D&D.

For my second tutorial, I’m going to try something a bit out-of-the-ordinary. While most DS106-ers stick to working on technical aspects during their tutorials (bless Hope for this Mozilla Popcorn tutorial), I’m going to get a bit more creative and open-ended.

Intrigued–and also filled with mild trepidation–by the section …