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Customize a pair of shoes

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Submitted by: Thomas Fairbank

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"Everyone likes to have a pair of shoes that are one of a kind. Customize a pair of shoes of your choosing. You can use photoshop or any website to edit shoes. To help me customize my Nike shoes I used but you can use any site you want. Make the two pictures into one you can do this with an app on the phone called Insta Picframes or any app you prefer. Then add the original shoes plus the "Before" text and add the new shoes plus the "After" text. I used Microsoft word to add the text with text boxes."

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I chose to do this assignment for one of my five this week because I love shoes. I have over 20 pairs of shoes ranging from $60-$200. They are a variety of running shoes, dress shoes, basketball shoes, and boots. Some people from high school used to call me a …

My New Kicks

The goal of this assignment was to create your own, one of a kind shoes. I chose to customize a pair of Nike Mercurial cleats using Nike’s website. I chose to do a pair of Mercurial cleats because when I played soccer, these were a pair of cleats I owned …

Customize A Pair Of Shoes

Well hot diggity dog… I don’t know about you but I’d buy these shoes in an instant. I definitely turned a whole lot of nothing into a whole lot of something. My inspiration to these custom shoes is a combination between the Disney movies I just watched, and Miley Cyrus.…

Design Assignment No. 2 (3 stars)

I found this assignment pretty challenging because I am terrible at mixing different colors together for one piece. I have trouble balancing colors so that one doesn’t overwhelm the other. But I still went ahead and gave it a try. I chose to customize and create my dream soccer cleats. …

Design a pair of shoes (3 star)

For this design assignment we had to design a pair of shoes which is something I like to do anyways  since I love shoes. The easiest way to do this was to use the NikeID shoe designer on their website. It lets you customize a lot of their popular shoes …


For this assignment, you had to customize a pair of shoes and then compare it to the original pair. I chose to use NikeID to customize my shoes, I have done this before so I was familiar with how to do it. I tried to design a pair of …

American Pride

For this assignment I decided to customize my own shoes! I picked Nike Roshe’s just because I do really like the shoe and my little sister has a pair and they’re perfect. I created mine using on my phone. I then created what pattern and color scheme I wanted, …

My shoes

Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not showing you my brilliant collection of shoes… Mainly because I seriously only wear like only one pair of shoes..

BUT, I will be creating my own pair of shoes, Nike Trainers in fact. So for my next assignment I chose the ‘Customise

Custom Shoes

This is a design assignment and it was worth 2 and a half stars. For this assignment I had the chance of customizing shoes and making them my own. I went onto my favorite shoe brand VANS and chose their high top shoe known as “SK8-HI.”  I started out with …

Customize A Pair Of Shoes Design Assignment

The Work Itself

This assignment asked to customize a pair of shoes of any type. I used Nike iD to customize “Roshe One” running shoes. This specific assignment has a difficulty level of three stars. I downloaded the app “Insta Picframes” to merge my original and customized shoes …

My Shoe Design

This by far had to be the best assignment so far, because shoes are like my passion. I been collecting them for the last 3-4 years and I just can’t get enough of them. Buying and selling is a great hobby to have if you know what your doing you …

Shoes for Days

So I chose this assignment because I was looking for something light and happy to do. Well what makes me happy? I guess you could call me a stereotypical girl, I love clothes, makeup, purses, and best of all, shoes. So as I was scrolling through the design section of …

My New Nikes

For this design assignment from the assignment bank I had to customize a pair of shoes. I chose to design a pair of Nike running shoes on I have actually ordered a pair of customized Nikes before from and love the process of making the shoes my own. …


The Story

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Custom Shoes

The white is the before picture and the black with color is the after! I love Air Prestos and I think this is a pretty sweet colorway, but not with a sweet price. I used NikeID to create these colorways.…

How to make a shoe!

For my last assignment of this week I am going to provide you with a tutorial from an assignment I did awhile back. It’s a desgin assignment on making your own custom shoe. The assignment is not too challenging but I know it’s always nice to see before hand what …

Customize a Pair of Shoes! (Nikeid Tutorial)

In this assignment I am going to show you one of my favorite things to do! I collect basketball shoes and have been for the past 4 years, coming up on 60 pairs now. And Nikeid gives this amazing tool where you can put your own little spin on your …