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Decorate the UMW spirit rock!

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Submitted by: Courtney Rodenbough

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Decorate the UMW spirit rock! Use whatever editing program or software!  Make it something special to you.  It could be something that is special about UMW to you or about you in general.  Have fun with it!

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Submissions So Far

The Beginning

“Hey, look at the rock! It looks like someone is advertising something. It seems to be their website and Twitter handle. Oh cool, this person focuses on technology. I have to follow them now and give their website a shot.” Thus, begins Boscoe’s rise to fame as more and more …

Design Assignments: Decorate The UMW Spirit Rock!

 I decorated the spirit rock in celebration of USA winning the FIFA Womans World Cup! I’m so proud of our USA’s woman’s team beating Japan 5-2 that I had to put it on UMW’s rock! (P.S.: the drawing on the right is a soccer ball (not a cookie).)…

first self made assignment – Decorate the rock!

This is the first assignment that I created.  I was walking on campus one day and saw the rock.  I know people decorate it all the time but you usually have to get permission for it.  For this you don’t have to!  I wanted to make it something that relates …

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Tutorials So Far

Tutorial for decorate the UMW spirit rock

This is a tutorial for an assignment I created back in the second week of the class.  The prompt is located here.

A good way to start is to use the template I uploaded to flickr.

Next you can upload that into any editing software or photoshop software that …