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Destination Post Card

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Submitted by: Maria Ingea

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Create a destination postcard using any design software of your choice. Start by choosing an image from a location and put some some words over the image just like a postcard. I personally used canva to create the postcard.

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Submissions So Far

Destination Post Card

My Destination Post Card assignment is relatively simple, but I think the design works pretty well for it. I chose a CC-0 image and CC-0 fonts (from and, two of my favorite resources). It took me a while to find the perfect font to match the image, …


I used the same process through pixlr to change the font and position and color.  I actually chose this photo because I see it so often and I would love to go to Greece in the near future as well!  I chose the positioning of the message itself to almost …

Cats & Coffee

This destination postcard assignment was pretty fun to do. The hardest part is always deciding where the postcard should show. This postcard is for a cafe in London, UK. This is not just any ordinary cafe either, as there are cats that free roam the cafe. The cafe is two …

Destination- Beijing

So for the pick 1 of 3 assignment for this week I chose the Destination Postcard design assignment. I went with this one because I realllly like postcards. Love them! I actually send them to people rather frequently and even send them to people living on campus (cause hey no …

Postcard from Special Agent Lynn



For this assignment, the idea was to create a postcard. I choose Abu Dhabi because my Dad is currently on a business trip there and I really want to go one day since I am learning to speak Arabic. Not to mention, it is a beautiful country. My …

Wish You Were Here!


For this assignment, I had to basically create my own postcard for anywhere I chose.

I knew immediately that I wanted to do a postcard with Italy as the destination because it is some place I have ALWAYS wanted to visit!. I’ve never been there so I didn’t have …

Destination post card

For this assignment I had to make a post card for a destination. I chose to use a picture of one of my favorite places, Bethesda Fountain in Manhattan. This is my favorite place to go to in Central Park to people watch because it gets a lot of foot …

Create Your Own Postcard! 

At first when I was making the post card, I used some image from a European city because I’d like to go there some day! And plus, it’s really pretty. But then I realized that I need to come up with something more creative! I’m a scuba diver so I …

Welcome to Korea!

This image was so pretty I just had to use it for my assignment. I use Paint again for image adjustment and writing implementation. It was fun to search pictures of the country that I know and grew up in, and I was very surprised upon finding this image because …

” This Space is for Address Only”

For my first assignment I decided to randomly pick a category and my result was the Design assignment category. I decided to try something easy for my first try to choose to do “Destination Post Card”. The assignment was to create  a destination postcard using any design software of my …

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