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Dream It…Write It!

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Submitted by: Brittany Raze

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Write about a dream you have had. It could be a recurring dream, a vivid dream, or even a dream that you make up. Be sure to describe every detail that you can remember from your dream.

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Sleuth Assignments: Writing Edition

This week’s assignments are 8+ stars worth of writing assignments. Here’s what I picked:

A Letter To You As A Child (2 1/2 stars)- This is a letter to me at 16 years old. Take advantage of high school. Take advantage of having awesome teachers and friends and mentors around …

Dreamy Baseball Player

I fell asleep watching a movie and had a great dream. I met my favorite baseball player, Anthony Rizzo, who plays for the Chicago Cubs.

Once Upon a Dream


This a choice from the Writing Assignment bank. It was an easy choice for me because while I don’t dream that often, when I do dream it is often a recurring one. The one that immediately comes to mind is probably my personal version of a pretty common dream.…

ds106 Assignment: Can you vacuum a sidewalk?

ds106 Assignment: Can you vacuum a sidewalk?

I decided to attempt the Dream It… Write It assignment from the ds106 website. To complete this assignment you had to choose a dream that you have had and write about it in detail. I decided to choose this dream that  I had …

Writing Assignment (2 1/2 Stars)

Dream It…Write It!

I keep having this dream:

I’m in my Dad’s house. I know it’s his house but somehow it’s different. I keep hearing screams. I keep running towards specific places like I am on a mission but I don’t know what that is. Then I see them. The …

Dream It…Write It

Every time I am sick, I have this dream. Everything around me is ten times bigger than it normally is. I am surrounded by objects that are humongous. I start to freak out because I am in this alternate universe where everything is growing and are closing in on me. …

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