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Submitted by: Miranda Elliott

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Create a poster for an up coming event.

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Event Advertisement

Anyone up for a movie night? I sure am!

I’ve designed quite a few posters for events I’ve organized as an RA, but I’ve never used a computer to make them. I thought it might be useful to try my hand at making a poster digitally so that I could …

Flyer Design

I chose to do the 4 star flyer design for one of my creative design assignments. I had a lot of fun when designing this flyer. I chose to do a flyer that represents a restaurant opening because these types of flyers are very important when trying to spread the …

Event Advertisement

I used Microsoft to design this, and decided on something small scale and easy to advertise. The lemonade design itself was supplied by a Microsoft sample, so I decided to stick with it.

Spring Formal Flyer

My next assignment was to make an event advertisement, which was worth 4 stars.

I chose to make a flyer for an event that my club actually puts on every spring, which is a spring formal dance. To make this, I went to and chose a template that …

Rocket Lan

For this assignment, Event Advertising, we had to create a poster advertising an upcoming event. Since I already do this a lot, I thought I would just put a poster that I have already made for an upcoming event. You see, I am an “officer” of the KGB (K-State …

One Giant Leap


First design assignment! I’m starting out with this assignment where I’m supposed to make a poster for an upcoming event. I decided that I’d instead make a poster for an event in the history of one of my conworlds. My girlfriend and I are working on a sci-fi world …

Advertisement for Open House!

The full assignment is linked and listed in its entirety below:

Create a poster for an up coming event. This assignment is worth 4 stars.

I wanted to choose a broad assignment to be able to create whatever I needed to for this assignment. This open-ended advertisement let me do …

CPB’s First Friday Hawaiian Luau

Event Advertisement

Create a poster for an up coming event. (4 Stars)

When I found this Event Assignment in the Design Bank I was very excited and super comforted because creating event advertisements has been part of my job in CPB for over a year now.  The following are just …


Invitations are so outdated. The new thing to promote events now are flyers and posters. Learning how to make one may come in handy for whatever future events come up. For this event advertisement assignment I decided to make a poster for a real event thats coming up. MY BIRTHDAY! …

Event Advertisement

I decided to complete this assignment so I would be able to include it in my Final Project story. I am revolving my story around my created western character, Talie. In this story, Talie has become bored of her everyday routine and has not felt like her normal self because …

Event Advertisement

This is a poster for the upcoming baseball games tomorrow.


3 Stars…

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Tutorials So Far

What will you advertise ?

Traditional invites are so old school! Add a personal touch to your event by making your own advertisement poster or flyer!

If you’d like to add any personal photos to your flyer like I did, start off by going to to remove any background from the photo that you …

Event Advertisement Tutorial

I chose to create a tutorial for this assignment, Event Advertisement. I chose this assignment because I believe it is a very useful task to know how to create a poster not only to advertise an event, but the many other purposes that posters can help promote. Even though …