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Family Friendly Billboard

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Submitted by: D.J. Wernitznig

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Reconstruct an image of a billboard by photo editing the image. Replace the heads of people or objects with photos of your friends and family.

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Submissions So Far

Baby on a Billboard

I chose to do the Family Friendly Billboard assignment this week. This 4 star assignment was challenging, but definitely fun. The perfectionist in me is dying a bit at the rough edges, but overall I thought it ended up cute! I stuck with my Tangled theme and put my son …

And Then There Were Two

For my latest assignment, I had to reconstruct an image of a billboard by photo editing the image. I decided to give my billboard a zombie apocalypse feel.

Below is my finished masterpiece (P.S. for some reason the quality of it is getting *butchered* on my front end. So …

We’re All Friend’s Here

Billboards are found all over in America, but not very often in the UK. Often, on social networking sites such as Facebook, memes are made from funny, supposedly real billboards. These funny or mildly offensive billboards, whether real or fake can often do wonders in helping a company or …

Family Friendly Billboard

If you haven’t noticed from reading my other blog posts… I’m pretty passionate about Young Americans for Freedom. I love YAF because I’ve had many opportunities through the organization Young America’s Foundation.

So, for my billboard I decided to do something that would help advertise Young Americans for Freedom. The …

We Lost our Agent

For the assignment bank visual assignments, I decided to do Family Friendly Billboards. I decided to try and relate it to the agent I created by making the billboard about them. Fun fact about my agent, she is an actual human being who I work with (and got permission to …

Family Billboard

My father was felicitated and i made a billboard out of his memorable moment.I got billboard image and this happy moment & using GIMP, i made this project.

Visual Assignment 3 stars (Family Friendly Billboard)

When my best friend got married! The assignment was to create a family-friendly billboard with a picture of friends or family. The picture I chose was of the day my best friend Brandon got married. We took a lot of pictures, but this is my favorite one because it was …

Miike Snow

Promoting Miike Snow’s Amazing third album

Ghengis Khan meets animal

This billboard is a photoshopped image of The swedish band Miike Snow performing in their music video “Ghengis Khan” however, the background is from another music video by Miike Snow called Animal.

Visual Assignments #1

This was my first Visual  Assignment so it was more like an experiment

I tried to read a  “Family Friendly Billboard”

Even though I did not complete this Assignment I learned a lot from it. When I first saw the assignment I thought it was an super easy one. …

I am Iron Man

This is the example for the second assignment I created for Ds106. To find the assignment I created click here

This was the movie that introduced me to the world of super heroes. I thought it was the coolest movie I had seen yet. to be fair I was only …

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Tutorials So Far

How to do Family Friendly Billboard

This is a tutorial on how to do the assignment (that I created) Family Friendly Billboard.

There are many ways to do this assignment, depending on which image editor you may use. My favorite is FotoFlexer. Click on the link to take you to a website that is free …