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Focus on one color

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Submitted by: Jazmin Austin

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I think I am sick I am seeing green

Either in your room or a room in your house and use gimp or any other photo editor to focus on one color in the room.

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Red is the word

This 2.5 star assignment required one to take a picture and then focus only on one color. The color I chose was red simply because it is on of my favorite colors and it’s abundant in my apartment! I used LunaPic to help me achieve this image!


Focus on One Color

Assignment can be found here:

Focus On One Color


Here is an image where I set  the saturation of all colors, except blue, to zero. This selective color technique is a nice accent to the photo as it helps guides the audience to the main focus of this …

Focus on Red: a Power Color

At the beginning of the year, my room mates and I entered the My room, My UMW photo contest. Sadly, we missed the submission deadline by two minutes despite the fact that no one else from Eagle Landing entered. I chose to make some use of the pictures and use …

Cutty’s World

For 3.5 stars I did color isolation from the visual assignment “Focus on One Color”. After attempting to do this first in GIMP I ran into time constraints so I settled with Pixlr after watching this tutorial. I captured all the brown(with the exception of the color of my …

Selective Color Focus: Blue!

I liked this assignment because I thought that it was a nice way to learn the tools available within a  free editing program like GIMP. I took a photo of my backyard, and decided to focus on the blue of the pool.

While the image might not look like much …

Focus on one color


Street art — selective colourization (#ds106 assignment)

I’m participating in ds106 at the moment, as an open, online participant. It’s a crazy, compacted summer course for students taking it on campus at the University of Mary Washington–just see what they need to do for week 1 (which has just finished). Here’s the full syllabus for the on …

Green Home

I wouldn’t claim that green is my favourite color, but it is obviously one of my most-liked shades as you can see in this post.

Early this week I wrote some poetry about the color green, when a daily create asked me to do so.
Google your favorite color. Write

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Tutorials So Far

“Focus on One Color” Tutorial

Link to the assignment

This assignment can easily be completed in Photoshop.

After you choose your images, load them into the program.

First you need to change the original color image to black and white. Go to Image, Adjustments, Hue and Saturation

Move your saturation down to zero

On the …

The light “dark room”

Simple red focus picture of my room.  Notice how the light from the lamp brings out the red in the wood. Thought it looked pretty cool.

I took Katy’s advice and used One Color Photo Lite to design this photo because hers turned out so well. Heres a link to …