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Can you write your name in a really unique way? You can get some inspirations from the following website if you like cool, Use your creativity and design what is amazing and unique, Output can be in any format you like. JPG, PNG. Good Luck

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Submissions So Far

Name of Evelyn Sparrow REVAMP

I decided that this assignment would be the one I would revisit this week. I really liked doing this assignment because it was a mixture of things and it made me think about my character more. Especially after the radio broadcast we made the past couple of weeks, I felt …

Assignment Revision

I decided to revise my design for my character’s name because I feel like her personality has evolved now and needs to show in her name.

I think this design shows the current position she is during the apocalypse, she has learned to be tougher and is a little more …

Design Assignments

Assignment: Alternate Book Cover

The Stand by Stephen King reimagined. This time, its horizontal. The horizontal printing of this copy is meant to resemble the vast empty, openness of the post-illness apocalypse that occurs in the storyline.

Assignment: Character Generator… The Making of Joey Buckets


Pictured at the top …

Alex Whitmore’s Logo

Below is Alex Whitmore’s logo. I chose to use a font that I found appealing. I though the color pink mixed with black not only looked nice but also expresses the type of character Alex truly is. She can be girly, but she can also be a tomboy. She isn’t …

The Name of Evelyn Sparrow

For one of my extra Design Assignments, I decided to do the Generate Cool Letters assignment for my character. This was a fun assignment since I was able to play around with a lot of different fonts on the website provided. It actually took me awhile to figure out which …

CHARLEE Lettering


For this assignment, I had to use the cool letters website to get inspiration for writing my name. I instead used my character’s name, since after a while my own name started to look too weird to continue.

The first Charlee represents her collected-yet-still-getting-the-ropes nature. Next is her …

Design Assignments

This is the lost and found poster I created for Professor Burtis’ hat and I really hope it can help her to find it! HOW TRAGIC… IT HAS BEEN A STAPLE IN THIS CLASS

This is the design I created for my characters name, it is a little more psychedelic …

Calligraphy Fun

I had never thought about it, but my character, Felicity, would TOTALLY be good at calligraphy. I chose to do the assignment, Generate Cool Letters, and chose something I thought represented her well that she would actually draw her name as. This is what I came out with:

I like …

Cool Letters

For my first remix assignment, I decided to complete the one on Cool Letters. The original assignment was to use cool to create your name in cool letters. However, when remixed, I was to create cool letters that included a cancer message. So, to complete my assignment, I …

Tech from cool letters

Using I created a logo for Tech using technological themes.…

Week 6 Assignments!

 DesignAssignments2115 was my first assignment I did. I was able to create my super hero Super Nova by using .This was 4 stars. 

My next design assignment was DesignAssignments2101. I  used an online font creator. This was 2 and 1 half stars. 

My next design was DesignAssignments2099 this was …

Cool Letters

In searching for a design assignment that I could incorporate my character into, I came across the “Generate Cool Letters” assignment. You had to write you name creatively, and I debated a little whether to use my character’s real name, or her superhero name. I decided on her real name, …

Letters are cool when they spell doughboy

For my third Assignment for my final project I chose to do another Design challenge for 3 stars.  For this assignment I had to write out the name of my character, in not only a cool font, but a font that means something more than just the text.

I used …

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Tutorials So Far

Team Nikita Nullin

For my second design assignment, I wanted to try the Generate Cool Letters. It looked fairly easy, interesting and it seems that a lot of people like it as well, so I deiced to try it. But instead of using my name I wanted use my character’s name Nikita Nullin. …

Tutorial: Using Cool Letters

Once your on, you star by clicking on “Customize” under any logo template.

The Text section is for the word. What it is, along with its font, spacing, and rotation.

The Logo tab affects the color of the text.

The Shadow section is for shadows behind the text.

And …