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Submitted by: Paul

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Now, I like graffiti as much as the next guy, except when it's spray painted on my house. But you know what makes it even better? If it moves! Check out Animated Banksy for inspiration ( Photograph some graffiti or street art, or find a photo if you're lazy, and make it into an animated GIF. It's more fun than vandalism!

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Fun with fine art

Since Banksy is doing his NYC residency this month, I thought I’d take another shot at animated graffiti. Except this isn’t really graffiti. Whatever. I thought the velvet ropes on the traffic pylons were a nice touch. The original image has some audio commentary, at least for the time being.…


Bortusk Leer Blue Monster Says Hi

I discovered Bortusk Leer with my son two years ago in an area of Dumbo that is very popular with street artists. The old shipping warehouse on Water St. has had scaffolding for years (at least all the time I’ve seen it), which has provided an environment for lots of…


The Animated Bansky GIFs¬†showed up on my Twitter feed last week sometime, I think. Cogdog tweeted them again today, so I innocently inquired if animated graffiti was an assignment yet. To which he barked, “Do it yourself, you worthless maggot!”
@phb256 Tweeting a link saying “this would be a…

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