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Go Back in Time

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As you probably know, you can use the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to see what websites looked like years ago. Take a look at what several different sites looked like in the 90s to get a feel for the style of the times. Then, create a  website that mimics that style, so information should be historically accurate but creative. For example if you choose to style your website after websites in 1998, you could talk about the your new discman or do a movie review of Armageddon, maybe create an AOL chatroom page.

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Go back in time

So for the pick 1/2 this week, I decided to go with the go back in time assignment. I went to Wayback Machine and found a picture of Google’s website in 1998 which I thought was kinda funny, so I decided to recreate it but base it on myself.

Here …

Go Back in Time (Week Nine):

Go Back In Time

This week I was asked to complete one out of three options of web design projects. I decided to complete the Go Back In Time assignment. For this assignment, I was instructed to use the Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive to see what websites looked …

Turning Back the Clock to ’99

As one of my web assignments for this week, I completed the Go Back in Time assignment. For this, I was to find a website using the Wayback Machine and find an old website to mimic. When searching websites, I had a hard time deciding which one to choose, as …

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