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Go, Vote!

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Submitted by: Ben Rimes

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Create a simple "Go, Vote" poster reminding people of their civic duty. Feel free to use the Library of Congress website if you're a U.S. citizen, the Library & Archives of Canada if you're from "up north" or any other governmental archive of historical imagery.

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Go Vote

Go Vote

Go. Register. Vote.

The go vote assignment was a simple 1 star assignment from the visual assignment bank. I went to the Library of Congree website and got the picture from there.

Many people have fought for the right to vote, especially for women. I think this poster speaks wonders! I am …

Go Vote!

Studebaker workers voting under the bleachers of a stadium in South Bend, IN circa 1950-1960.

I’m a sucker for performing important civic duties…..and black and white photography. So I decided to craft this impromptu voting poster today with the help of the United States Library of Congress and their awesome…

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Go, Vote!

Ok, so it’s a little late for the presidential election, but there will be others. Voting is not only a right, it’s a responsibility.…