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Google Draw Something

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Submitted by: Daniel Zamojda

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Use Google's drawing game to create art and have Google guess what it is! You will be given 6 items to draw and in under 20 seconds Google will try to answer it. Go to https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/ and start right away. In the end, share your art on twitter with the rest of the class.

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Submissions So Far

Turns Out I Can’t Draw Either

So, I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a doodler, thought I wasn’t too bad at all. I thought today, I’d put that to the test. Oh how I regret that.

What a bloody mistake, I can’t draw for toffee, there is literally nothing that I am good at …

Drawn a Lobster

when I was drawing the images for this assignment Google couldn’t guess the lobster that I was drawing however I feel like it was a fine drawing of a lobster and any other person could have guessed it. I think that Google needs to look into a lobster guessing technology.

Google Draw Something

This was surprisingly very hard!!

This assignment was to use a site called Quick Draw with Google.  The aim of site is Google will randomly produce a word in which I would need to draw using my computer mouse on the screen. Google then tries to guess what it …

Pictionary 2.0

For one of my web assignments I chose the assignments “Google Draw Something.” I had never heard of this before and it was fun! My 10 year old watched me complete this and was eager to try himself! For some reason I couldn’t share my results on twitter, so I …

Playing Pictionary with Google

    For this web assignment, I was tasked to play ‘Pictionary’ with a AI that was produced by Google. I’m not going to lie, I think I got absurdly lucky with the drawings that I was tasked to do, because I don’t have any talent as an artist and …

Quick Draw with Google

For my first web assignment this week I decided to do a 2.5 star Google Quick Draw.

When this first started, I used it a lot. It was like playing Tetris for me. It was easy and calming. The idea that it can guess what I’m drawing is also …

Draw Something in Under 20 Seconds

I decided to attempt the Google Draw Something assignment by clicking here and drawing something in under 20 seconds for Google to guess. This was way too fun, and also stressful, because I had to use my laptop’s touch pad and the time went by faster than I’d thought it …

Week Nine Assignments!

#ds106 #quickdraw pic.twitter.com/IprypjI59e

— Maggie O’Connor (@Maggieo_13) October 27, 2017

This was WebAssignments, WebAssignments2073. It was 2 and a half stars. I had to go on google quick draw and see if the computer could guess my pictures. For the first three I didn’t know they gave me things to …

Google Draw Something

I did the Google Draw Something assignment for 2.5 Stars. The assignment was really fun, but pretty difficult. It was a quick assignment to do and I did it like it was a game, but it was hard to draw things because I don’t have much artistic ability.

Once pictures …


For my other web assignment, I did Google Draw Something (2,5 stars) which was fun because I can’t draw to save my life. Google did manage to guess 2/6 doodles though so I guess that’s something.

Here’s my twitter post about my terrible doodles.

I’m terrible at drawing, google just …


For this assignment, we were asked to create drawings according to what word we’re given. What is crazy is that you’re basically playing Pictionary with the computer! This was so fun that I did it twice. In the picture shown above, this was my second attempt, and they could recognized …

Wow its hard to draw with a mouse pad

Sorry if the last one looks a little weird it was really hard to draw with my track pad haha. I think that it has a set list of words that it goes through and depending how you draw the lines I’m sure it tracks it and thats how it …

Assignment Bank 2 (Week Nine):

Google Draw Something

For this assignment, I was instructed to use Google’s drawing game to create art and have Google guess what it was. I was given six items to draw and in under twenty seconds Google tried to answer it. Lastly, I was instructed to share my art on …

Quick Draw

This was actually a lot of fun. It reminded me of a game I play with my friends on girls’ nights, which is why I picked it.

I did it twice, because I couldn’t figure out how to share it in a tweet the first time. (Turns out there was …

Google knows best

For one of my Assignment banks I choose to do Google Draw Something

This assignment takes you to: https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/

I have never seen this website before but it was really neat! It gives you something to draw and 20 seconds to draw it to see if Google can guess it …

Google Draw Something

This was a very cool assignment. Daniel did a great job finding this and making it into an assignment. It really made me think more than I ever have about how computers work and where computer science could go. I also liked how when you turn the volume on, there …

Google Draw Something

This is a game on google that is similar to Draw Something. You attempt to draw a picture that you’re told to and Google will guess it if the picture is accurate enough! This was really surprising to me because it worked so well.

Here’s the game.…

Google Draw Something

The Google Draw Something assignment was definitely one of my favorites so far. I love messing around with neural networks, especially Google’s experiments (like their dream image generator). It’s actually a really cool feeling to have fun and mess around while actually contributing to science and technology. It didn’t get …

Google Draw Something

A fun little exercise!! Here are my creations.

I made these six doodles. A neural network guessed all of them correctly. #aiexperiments #quickdraw https://t.co/t9OmjhsXxt

— Hannah Bruns (@hannahbruns7) March 24, 2017

Draw, Something!

For this week, we had to do 8 stars worth of web assignments. I choose to do the assignment http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/google-draw-something/ . This assignment was rated 2 stars and it was to use Google’s drawing game to create art and have Google guess what it is. I had no clue on …

Google draw

The first web based assignment I did this week was called Google Draw Something and is worth 2 stars.


For this assignment you have to go to the google draw something site and follow the prompts it gives you to draw six things with twenty seconds to draw each …

Google Draw Something

This was insanely fun, which is kinda embarrassing to admit. I played it so many times I lost count, but I wanted to share my first experience with you guys. I decided to take a snip of my first try at the game which was probably the worst draw out …

Quick draw

quick draw on google.com

Quick draw

This is a great way to get the juices flowing and show off your creativity!

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Tutorials So Far

Quick, Draw! FUN


AHH! This assignment was so much fun. I played it three times and it was more and more fun each time. I think it is cool how they can have a program like this that guesses the images as you draw them. I think that everyone should play it …