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Spy Haiku for You


Counting syllables is not my strong point but these should each be 5/7/5


Secret Agent Spy

Nobody can ever know

Always telling lies


James Bond 007

Jason Bourne is on the run

Holmes solves mysteries


Jack Reacher, military

Government conspiracy

Espionage at it’s best.




A silent open field

A deer dashes away

Whoosh! silence again

A cold winter day

A fox slinks around

Trekking through snow

A dense summer forest

A bear sniffs the air

Following his nose towards food…

Midnight Call: Brother, I Need You

Brother, I need you
the night has fallen
I go to the phone
with sleep in my eyes

Brother, come help me
the world is bigger
than I thought before
I can’t do this alone

Brother, I miss you
just come
give your favorite girl a hug

Told from the …


–Originally published at For Feed
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