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Here kitty kitty

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Submitted by: Amanda Thacker

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Think of the deal people that your character would like. Combine 2 or more animals together to make it an unusual type of animal. Put it in it's natural habitat.

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Assignment Bank 4 #DS106 (3 star)

I moved to “Here Kitty Kitty” (interesting name) in the Visual area this time.

now right away I know you notice cats, okay let me tell you I totally forgot the name when I did this assignment bank and when I looked back I laughed so hard, because there are …

Visual Assignments #2 ………Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty

This is the best one so far. I used Photo Flex to create manipulate the look of the wings. The insertion looks nearly perfect, I think that Photo Flex works perfect.

Bearfly Hear Kitty, Kitty

I combined a butterfly and polar bear to create a “Bearfly”. I was inspired by our modern science advancements and what scientists are able to do regarding cross breeding species. I wanted to create a funny animal, so I chose a “Bearfly”. I used Pixlr Express to edit.

Here Kitty, Kitty 7/22/15

The Work Itself

The assignment is titled “Here Kitty, Kitty”. Instructions are to Combine two or more animals together to make it an unusual type of animal and place it in it’s natural habitat. I combined a butterfly and polar bear. This animal is called a “Bearfly”.

Telling the Story …

My Animal Planet

There is nothing like being down on the farm.  But this is what can happen when the jack rabbits get into the pig pen!

I am beginning to be able to navigate Microsoft paint well enough to accomplish these assignments with not too much difficulty.  For this one I cropped …

Visual Assignment: Here Kitty Kitty

I had to mix two animals together, so I decided to make a Crab+Dolphin mixture!

Two Animals – 3 Stars

The following photo is of two of my character’s favorite animals. Sly like a fox and as vicious as a golden eagle. I created this image by using an online photo editing software piZap. I hope you all like it. I’ll be able to use photoshop in the future but …


Here Kitty, Kitty (3 stars)

The Story

 For this assignment, I wanted to think of the two strongest animals in the wild. So automatically, I chose the gorilla and the lion. Here is an image of what I think the two would look like if they were genetically capable of …

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