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History of Minorities Poster

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Submitted by: Bill Genereux

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History of Minorities Poster - in your state, region, or locale

In the US, February is Black History Month. One reason for this special designation is that the history books are written by the powerful majority of a society, while the contributions of minority persons are often ignored or downplayed. 

Research and design a poster that describes a person, location, or historical event relating to the contributions or perspectives of a minority group in your state or geographic region. For example, students located in Kansas do African-American History of Kansas.

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History of Minorities Poster Project

This post is a clarification of the design assignment I submitted to DS106. For some reason, the page there shows a screen shot of the Kansas State U website, and not an example image from the project. If you are not familiar with DS106, it is an open digital storytelling…

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