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Hobo Speech

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Submitted by: Steven Hartzell

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You know those bizarre, rambling speeches the homeless sometimes give? Well, now you get to create one of your own! First, record your materpiece. Then, add some background noise to give it some atmosphere. Once your done, upload it to SoundCloud. Make your speech at least 4 minutes.

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Submissions So Far

Imaginings of a Space Hobo

For this ds106 Assignment Bank project, I chose to tackle one titles Hobo Speech. The project description was to create a “bizarre, rambling speech” ……

Hobo Talk

I completed the assignment ‘hobo speech.’

Back in the 1800’s my character ran into a hobo who was intoxicated. This is an excerpt from that hobo’s ramblings.

I used audacity to record the monologue. It was more difficult than anticipated as thinking of random gibberish a crazy person would …

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Hobo Speech Tutorial

The first thing to do is to record the speech itself. If you have a microphone, the easiest way is to record directly into Audacity. You could also use another program to record the speech, or record it on your phone and move it onto your computer. Either way , …