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How does a song make you feel?

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Submitted by: Abigail Hunt

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Choose a song that elects a cetrain feeling within you. Copy the youtube/soundcloud URL to a Twitter post, and tell us what feelings this sond brings you. Does it make you happy? sad? pumped? seductive? strong? let us know youre feelings while listening to the song! You can add things such " at :23 seconds, the hook dropped and it made me want to flail my arms arond and scream". Have fun with this!!

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The Song of All Songs

This song is relatively new to my playlist but I feel like its definitely up there in my top 10.  The way it starts off with the beat slowly coming in is just really dope in my opinion, and then of course the rest of the instrumental gets me so …

How a Song Makes Me Feel: “Hurt”

For the 2 point writing assignment, “How Does a Song Make You Feel?”, I had to choose a song and twitter a summary of what I felt from listening to the song.

I feel remorseful whenever I hear this song. We can cause pain to those closest to us if …

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This song makes me happy no matter what time of day it is or what place im in, Love it! #ds106

— Michael Ryan (@mjryanonline) February 1, 2017

Sleuth Summary 2

Week two!

This week I was very rushed, but actually really enjoyed my time working on these assignments. My favorite by far was making some pixel art and browsing the internet looking for some inspiration. The visual assignment was called 256 Points and had us make our own 16×16 pixel …

Secret Agent Ringtone

This post is dedicated to the song I heard on my first day of Secret Agent School. I still remember it like it was yesterday. We were all lined up for our first practice mission, only to realize that our first mission was to watch the entire season of Death …

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