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Imagine Dragons Mash Up

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Submitted by: Amber Stitt

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This is a fairly simple idea.  Take any Imagine Dragons song and mash it up with another!  It can be any song you choose- Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, or even Halsey!  Whatever artist you think would fit with one of their songs works or just make something silly and choose Lady Gaga!

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Imagine Dragons Mash Up

I did a mash up using  Audacity to create a mash of Imagine Dragons – Redioactive and Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? for my #3 Assignment for Audio Media.

I took the two songs and imported them into the Audacity file and tore the original songs apart …

Agent Smith – Audio Mash

Greeting….fellow secret agents. I have a secret messages encoded below to reveal my….real message to you. I cannot let it fall into enemy hands. Unfortunately, Soundcloud is completely useless and copyrights everything I make so I am fed up with attempting this. Agent smith, signing off.

-Agent Smith

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