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Jim Groom Animated GIF

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Submitted by: @iamTalkyTina

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Well, it kind of started with The Daily Create tdc1160 which was to make a ransom note to get Jim Groom back. My True Friend David Kernohan made a fake Tina one saying give him animated GIFs to get Jim out. After that, I got Jim and said make more animated GIFs, but these ones of Jim. Plus, I need 10 Jim Groom Animated GIFs before he gets out. I made a Jim Groom Animated GIF to start the kitty* Then I made an assignment of it. So, now you have to make Animated GIFs of Jim Groom

*noircat did you see what I did there?

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Submissions So Far

Jim, Close(d)-Up in the Hut

“Jim, Close(d)-up in The Hostage Hut” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Well, I guess it’s time to let Jim out. His captivity motivated the creation of 19 @jimgroom Animated GIFs yesterday (20 if you count the close-up above), and so I guess that’s a pretty good haul for sitting around on …

Jim Groom ransom gif

Jim Groom is an [edu] PUNK!!

Talky Tina has Jim Groom held hostage for RANSOM! And the ransom is that we need to make animated gifs of Mr. Jim Groom. We had until midnight. Well, it is 11:34 my time and so I think that counts, right?

Super true …

Jim’s GIFaChrome Selfie

Jim Groom was able to convince one of his guards to smuggle out this GIFaChrome selfie. He’s trying to tell us something. But “555” where Jim? Where?

Jim Groom is Still in the Hostage Hut

“Jim Groom in the Hostage Hut” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

Making this Art into a GIF doesn’t do justice to the beauty of the images in this piece. Consider viewing the larger 1200 pixel-wide GIF, or even better, the still-image version that I have posted to Flickr.

This …

The Demanded Jim Groom Gif

Talky Tina, here is my animated GIF of Gim Groom. I hope it is in time to allow you to give him up. I don’t know where you have him, but I’ve looked between New York City and Chicago and he keeps appearing somewhere in between.

Somewhere between Long Island …

Free the Groom

Now this is weird.

Given we can’t waste time I dug out a processing script I’d used before. I can’t recall where I got the original, or what changes I made, but it looks like I simplified it a lot and exported a series of frames to gifs. Stitched these …

Talky Tina laid down the challenge and I have been wanting to…

Talky Tina laid down the challenge and I have been wanting to try another gif the portrait for a while. So I looked for high resolution portraits of our jimgroom on the google, as Tina suggested. Then got to work as per Ryan Seslow’s excellent tutoring on this lovely way …

Animated GIF of Jim Groom Ransom Art

“Pixellated Groom” animated GIF by @iamTalkyTina

It’s a thing to make an Art out of UNCLE @jimgroom. Lots of peoples do it! There are dancing ones, poster ones, and noisy ones, plus more!

Yesterday for The Daily Create tdc1160 was to make a ransom note to …

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