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Life Hacks

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Submitted by: Amanda Pennington

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Have you ever gone on pinterest to find an easier way of doing something? Maybe you needed to know how to remove permanent marker from your clothes or how to boil eggs to make them easy to peel. Whatever it was, make a video showing how to complete that "Life Hack" or maybe 2 or 3 depending on how quick/long you life hacks are. Maybe you have a shopping hack, a beauty hack, a cooking hack, etc. There are so many out there! Show us how easy they can be by putting them into a video. Bonus points to those that come up with an original life hack that isn't already on pinterest!

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Submissions So Far

Not Your Average Tutorial

For my final assignment this week, I did the “Life Hacks” assignment. I knew I needed something else to connect to my superhero character, and I got the idea to do a tutorial parody. My tutorial teaches my viewers how to protect themselves against mind-reading.

I incorporated some affectations that …

Life Hack

IMG_6827.TRIM (1)

This is a quick and easy life hack! Get yiur clothes folded in half the time and continue on with your day.  This is one I saw a long time ago but it stuck with me the whole time.  I still fold my clothes like this and it …

Life Hacks

For my select one assignment I chose to do a life hacks video.

For this assignment I chose three life hacks that I actually use in my own life. While I’m sure there are other videos out there of these hacks I did not look them up and instead stuck …

Ds 106 Life Hacks

Made using my phone

Life Hack (and video lessons)

This was my first trial and error video editing. I found Filmora editing software to be a fantastic option for video creation. It works very similarly to Audacity, so the learning curve wasn’t as rough. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that the trial version of the software would apply a …

Life hack!

For the life hacks assignment, I decided to make a video showing how to get an oil stain off a piece of clothing. I’ve had this issue before and I just learned how to do it, so I figured I’d share it. I used powerpoint to create the text images …


For this assignment I first researched some interesting hacks that I found online. I wanted to try something that I’ve never done or heard of before but also be able to utilize the resources I already have. That’s what so great about this hack is that most people have these …

Life Hack!


Life Hack

Always have donuts on hand when studying

Life Hacks

To complete this video assignment I first thought of a couple life hacks I actually use semi regularly! Once I came up with my three ideas I started recording! I found this to be the most difficult part because at times there was no one there to record for me, …

Clothing Life Hack

One assignment that we could do was Life Hacks . It was actually really fun to do! It took awhile to think of a good hack to show but my boyfriend told me about this one! When traveling and have limited space to pack things, combine clothes, fold them like …

Life Hacks

This week, I decided to create a video on a life hack that I know and would like to share with the class. While I know a lot, I feel like the majority of them are ones everyone knows. However, this one is one my roommates did not know until …

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