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Make a Maze

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Submitted by: Alexander Hollyer

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Make your own puzzle maze. Draw it by hand using a pen or pencil or make in on your computer using some kind of editing software that allows you to use straight lines. Have fun with it, make it a cirlce, square or whatever shape you like. Make it as difficult or as easy as you want just make sure that it is possible to complete. Add color or background images if you want to make it more appealing.

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Submissions So Far

Keamo’s Challenging Escape Maze

For this 3 and a half star assignment, I made a puzzle for local secret agents. So this is Keamo’s escape maze as you will find a secret message when you solve it! As a secret agent it’s nice to play games sometimes with your piers to send a message. …

Now You’ve Lost Me

I’m British, and basically it’s a long story but that somehow automatically enrols you in being a MASSIVE fan of the Great British Bake Off. (Pre Channel 4 I have to say, but that’s another story.

Us British also seem to love going to a maze, whether it’s in …

Make a Maze

For this assignment, I found a maze creation software on Discovery Education that allowed you to choose certain aspects that would create a unique maze. I made mine an “escape” maze with random paths and titled it “Rat In A Cage” after one of my favorite Smashing Pumpkins’s songs. I …

Make A Maze

One thing about me is that I LOVE mazes and puzzles. So this assignment was perfect! I didn’t want a plain old maze so I spiced it up be adding (and embarrassing) one of my close friends! So complete the maze to help Sydney get to the pizza!

To make …

I Made a Maze

I completed the Make a Maze assignment. What’s more fun that successfully completing a maze? Definitely not making one.

This was a lot more difficult for me than I expected. I think that the most challenging part for me was trying to maintain the same amount of space between all …

Maze it up

This is the maze I created, I swear there is a way out. I wanted to do something really confusing but once stared at for a while it would be easy. I like the way it came out, I decided to just go for it and draw it out as …


This maze is being complete by Gory Collins and Eve Winters after their wedding. This assignment was worth three and a half stars. The maze is a two person maze where the partners have to find their way through the confusing m axe and out the other side. I did …

Make a Maze

Here is my fifth assignment called Make a maze worth 3 stars. The assignment was simple create your own maze using a pen and paper or a computer program.




Here are my Steps:

Went to the ds106 page and clicked on the Design Assignments page.

AMAZEing cliche post title

HMmm…Maze. At first I was tempted to go inception on this assignment (take 2 minutes to draw a maze that takes 1 minute to solve), and do something simple and trivial. Fortunately, I came with a better idea. I am a fan of iterative design, and the easiest way to …

My A-Maze-ing Puzzle

I can truthfully say that I’ve never attempted to make a maze before. As a first attempt, I used paint. Short, simple, to the point. I used the line tool to make most of the segments that you’ll see, but I also decided to use the rectangle tool and then …

Make A Maze Design Assignment

The Work Itself

This design assignment is a two and half star difficulty. The assignment called to create a maze, hand-drawn, or computer generated. The specific tags for this assignment are DesignAssignments, and DesignAssignments1753.

“Life Maze”

Telling the Story Behind the Story

One of my favorite comic series is “Batman”. …

Make a maze……

This assignment is worth 2 starts and you have to create your own maze. I went only and type on Google (my best friend) maze generator and it took me to a webpage that helps you to create your maze. Them I went back to Google, and I went looking …

Seeing Stars

For this design assignment I had to create a maze. I wanted to try to do it on the computer so I went to word and started looking through the different shapes you can insert into the document. I decided that the coolest shape, in my opinion, was the star. …

Don’t Get Lost..

For 2 stars this week, I decided to try my hand at designing a maze.  Do you remember that old pencil-paper game that we used to play, called dots? Well, I found it online and used it as a starting point for my maze.  Since it already had the basic …

Make it a-MAZE-ing: a Prisoner106 adventure

Like Bill, I opted to try out the maze design assignment.  After reading the assignment details, I knew I wanted to do something with the Village map.

Map of the Village. Also available in colour.

I printed out a couple of copies thinking I might hand draw a …

Prisoner Number 6 in a Maze

Thanks to my True Friend Talky Tina, I’ve been prompted to make a maze. I would really rather make a labyrinth, and may do so later. But for now, I made a GIFfy Maze.

Prisoner106 in a Maze

As you can see, Number 6 is at the center of …

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Tutorials So Far

To Make a Maze

Making a maze might seem like an incredibly tedious task. Depending on how you go about it, it very well can be. However, one of the beauties of digitizing content is that you can generate some very bizarre and difficult mazes rather quickly. As a forewarning, if you want to …