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Make a Tutorial for you Mom

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Submitted by: Chelsea Mageland

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Make a short tutorial showing someone who is not very familiar with computers or asks you to do something for them all the time because they don't know how. It doesn't have to be for your mom, it can be for grandpa, sister, etc. This example is pretty long (I didn't make it, I just found it), but it doesn't need to be this long, and it can be showing how to do one thing and not every thing.

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Submissions So Far

Sending Money via Phone Number

The video below explains how to send money to another Bank of America account. My inspiration for this video is mainly because I am tired of waiting 2 days for my mom to transfer money from her account to my bank account, but she won’t take the time to learn …

Agent Smith – Tutorial

Make a tutorial for your mom [4.5 stars] [13.5/12 total]

This video is a tutorial for my mother, niece, and nephew since I am not always home when the kids want to play my game systems. One likes to play on my playstation3, while the other on the ps4. …

Make a tutorial

This video assignment is worth 4.5 stars, and it asked you to create a tutorial for your mother. I choose to create a tutorial of how to share your screen to my friend REspag because sometimes I want her to teach me some math and she can not do it. …

Make A Tutorial For Your Mom: How to Use a USB!

The inspiration for this video assignment came from none other than my mother herself!  I came across a USB drive in a folder on the kitchen counter, and asked what my mother what it was for.  She told me that the USB contained lesson plans from a friend for the …

Week 4 Summary Found!

Well I found this hiding in my drafts. To be honest I never double check if it was published because I was in such a hurry. I went to post one of my assignments tonight and found that this was a draft that was never published. I dunno what happened, …

Tutorial for my Mother

Today my mother actually asked me how to get Spotify onto her iPhone so that she didn’t have to use her data to listen to her music. I decided that would be a perfect tutorial video to make since she will actually use it. I used Snagit to capture the …

DS-106 Choice Assignment 1: Make a Tutorial for Mom

Mom needed to know how to upload photos to Walgreens and have them printed out in store. This video pretty much sums it up!

Getting Grandma up to date

For this assignment, it required to make a tutorial for Mom, or someone who just isn’t familiar with a piece of technology. About three years ago, my grandma started her own company and usually has my mom do all of her paper while she manages. However, in the past year, …

“Make a Tutorial for your Mom” Assignment (5 Stars)

I’m kinda sad this is my last video assignment! Anyways, I actually needed to do this tutorial for my mom, so I thought “Hey, why not submit it as an assignment too?”

Okay, so for this assignment, I went on this website my brother always used for me (prior …

Remix the Assignment!

For my assignment mashup, I had to combine a tutorial for my mom (or grandma in my case) and Where’s Waldo? where I had to put Waldo or his name in my video.  I think I kind of lucked out on this assignment because of the fact that my Grandmother…

Video Assignment #4

Last one: Tutorial for the Mother.

Ok, in the video, I call her mom, but everyone calls her Pegs. She already knew how to make a Pandora station, which is what I was going do the tutorial on.
I recorded this using screenr because I couldn’t get jing to upload…


Me: Well, Mom, it is saying the print spooler is offline.
Mom: What the hell does that mean? You know I don’t use computers like you, your brother and your Father! I just want to print!
Me: Well you have to turn the print spooler on.
Mom: …And how do…

Grandma’s tutorial

Last Christmas, we gave my grandmother a laptop as a present and she is always requiring help to use it. She enjoys learning how to do something so she can do it the next time. So I made this tutorial for her using ScreenR to capture the action and record…

Tutorial for my Mother

My mother still has no clue how to work anything Apple related. I’m not sure why, to me it is very intuitive. None the less, I’ve gotten many a call from her trying to figure out iTunes. Here is my tutorial for her on how to make a “Smart Playlist”…

Tutorial for Mom

Was at my moms place over Spring Break and she wanted me to show her how to make an itunes playlist. So I decided to kill two birds by showing her and completing a video assignment.…

Let Me Google That For You

Video Assignment: Make a Tutorial for your Mom
Whenever I am home, my mom thinks I am some computer whiz and can fix all of her computer problems, like connecting to the internet or moving a file into another folder. Simple tasks. Also whenever she asks these questions, my siblings…

Make a Tutorial for you mom

This assignment was my first attempt at doing the editing and stuff and i was having difficulties with my laptop and the only way i could figure out to do this was to hold my camera at my computer while i did the video. So it’s blurry and you can’t…

Video Assignment – Make a Tutorial for Your Mom

This assignment was to create a video tutorial for your mom (or anyone really) who doesn’t know how to do something on the computer.  I got a new Apple in September, and my mom helped me pay for it in exchange for my old mac, which is great because she…

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