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Make Your Song YOUR Song

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Submitted by: delovelyames / Amy Fanghella

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So is there anybody else out there who, when they hear a certain song, can just relate to it on any and every emotional level?

Because that happens to me pretty much all the time… Really, guys; I almost have 41 hours worth of songs on my “Starred” Spotify playlist as absolute proof that I FEEL TOO MANY FEELS.

So I figured, why not turn that burden into something beautiful?! After all, that’s how some of the best creations come about!

So for this proposed Audio Assignment, I want my future fellow DS106ers to take the song that means the most to them, perhaps the song that has been unofficially dubbed as “Your Song”, and re-write it so that you can share the story that you hear whenever you hear it with all of us … In other words, fully and fearlessly make it YourSong.

You can pretty much take creative liberty with this in that you can use any song you like (… if Soundcloud takes it down for copyright, simply upload the audio directly to your blog!), can use and can re-write in an a humorous way, heartfelt way, or a combination of the two! It can be a full on parody like some of the YouTube greats have done, or tell the more sentimental side of things, like I chose to do. In my case, I chose to use my current favorite song, Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth’s See You Again,which they wrote as a tribute to the late Paul Walker from the Furious franchise, to tell the story of those I’ve similarly lost and still love, and my sole reason for having hope and continuing to journey on in this life with which I’ve been gifted. I’ve been clinging to that hope for a while (this semester especially) and I dearly hope it’s a rope that my fellow Eagles can grab onto along with me.


The ONLY requirement for this assignment is that you check “Recorded in the DKC Recording Booth” off your UMW Bucket List! Channel your inner rockstar and utilize the soundproof booth, awesome editing capabilities, and even the totally authentic equipment that is normally reserved for said rockstars but that we as Eagles are lucky enough to have available to us EVERY. SINGLE. DANG. DAY! After all, when making Your Song, why shouldn’t you make it the best possible quality it can be?! Even if you aren’t a singer, an example clearly epitomized by me (…sorry, by the way, for making your ears bleed; please don’t direct any subsequent hospital bills my way!), totally own it and pretend that, at least for the moment, you are.

The selfie is not part of said requirement, but a little impromptu photo booth sesh never hurt anybody! Plus, you might even earn creativity points with your professor, which is never a bad thing ;)

So … Let the creating commence! And may the auto-tune be forever in your favor :).

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