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Submitted by: Raquel Thomas

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I just went to sound cloud and tried to create my frist mashup of an songs i like. These are popular songs on todays radio. enjoy!

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Sound Construction Site

So, audio editing is a work in progress for me. I spent a lot of time working on each assignment, only to finally realize I wasn’t going to modern, electronic Mozart on my first try. My pieces aren’t going to sound like what I hear on the radio or at …

Mashup: Runaway by Aurora and The Night we Met by Lord Huron

This is a mashup assignment worth 4 stars. This took me a long time to complete and I wish I was able to edit it a little more so it ran a little smoother but I am happy with how it turned out! I chose these songs because I …

Mix of XO-Loc Mashup

I made a combination of two songs Location and Xo Tour Life, to show the different in beat and vocals. In Xo its a faster pace, with less sentimental lyrics but in Location it’s a slow beat and more emotional lyrics. Both these songs are at the top of …

Top 5 Best Rap Artist?

This is my fourth audio assignment of the week. In this assignment we had to create a mashup of songs we like to listen to. I chose this assignment because I love to listen to music. I listen to it all the time whether I am at home, at work, …

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