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Menu Design

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Submitted by: Nicholas Koch

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For this assignment, you are going to deisgn your own menu! You can use any layout software (I used InDesign) but anything will work!

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The Mad Hatter

How about a menu like none other? The cards will give you the prices! Too bad it is not for real, as I would definitely try the Braised Beef, Queen’s Tarts and Absinthe.

Design Assignment: Create your own menu #ILT5340


Filled with all of my favorite dishes, this is what I would serve, if I had a restaurant.

Design Assignment

Looking around at some of the design assignments, I saw one about menu design. This got me thinking about a long backlogged personal project of mine, developing my own blogging platform. This was a good reason to get started! Here’s some progress I made on the main site menu bar. …

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