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Missing Persons Poster for Dr. Oblivion

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Submitted by: Michael Branson Smith

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Help #ds106 find Dr. Oblivion. Create a poster to help the search!

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For this assignment which is 2 stars, I created an amber alert poster for A1 Dr. Oblivion on adobe photoshop. Everybody needs to help search for him! He is such an asset to the DS106 crew, and it’s been a rough few weeks without him taking care of us!

Missing person; Help us find him!

Here is my missing person poster for Dr. Oblivion (this is the correct link.)

Missing person; Help us find him!

Here is my missing person poster for Dr. Oblivion.

Lost: Dr. Oblivion

Original assignment (2 Stars)

I’m not sure who Dr. Oblivion is. However, this assignment was simple. Create a poster for the lost doctor.

I used the programs FotoFlexer, Microsoft Word, and SnippIt to create this poster.

I obtained a photo of Dr. Oblivion and uploaded it to the website …

Missing Persons Poster

I did a little deviating from the original assignment, which can be found here.

This could be like a deleted scene of when the H-BOMB hits and Henry is search for his wife but retracts his search because he remembers how miserable she made him.

Worth: 2 stars. …

Design: Missing Persons Poster for Dr. Oblivious, 2 Stars

Here’s a nice little poster in regards to finding Dr. Oblivious! Oh no! He’s gone missing, what will we do?!?! I found the assignment at .

First off here, I opened up a blank canvas and entered different pixel values to enlarge the canvas until I was pleased. I…

The Most Wanted

First I got a picture of Dr.Oblivion off of google images, then I used paint to create this poster. I thought this was a cool quick assignment I used red because I think it makes the poster seem more urgent.…

The lost person

THE MISSING SHOES LOL IN this pic i change the setting in a comic way.…


This entry is for the missing persons poster assignment. Found an image of Dr. Oblivion online and just added some text with roflbot.…

Missing Persons Poster

This is for the assignment Missing Persons Poster
I used Photoshop again for this assignment just trying to milk this trial for photoshop for all it is worth. but seriously ppl need to do this assignment this one was def a lot of fun and i had a blast…

“Missing the Lock for the Key” The Lockman Monster? Lost Lockman?

Professor Lockman is Missing!!!!!!!!!!

Please Help Find Professor Lockman Before its to late!!

Here I choose the design assignment but I made a twist of my own, instead of searching for Dr. Oblivion…

Send Bill a Thank You Card

Send Bill a Thank You Card! (instead of Kill Bill)

This was completed in the 25 minutes @scottlo from Tokyo gave us to listen to music and finish a task. Thanks @scottlo!
And lest I forget, the Messed up Animated GIF MacGuffin was first introduced by Todd Conaway and then…

Princess MacGuffin

Yeah, I guess that's possible.…

Missing Dr. Oblivion Poster

Without using photoshop (intend on getting it working sono) I’m not sure of a better way to select certain things out of images other than this sloppy erasing out of normal pics using GIMP. So just some GIMP for cropping/scaling/erasing/rotating and used picnik for the borders. Planning to try Picasa…

Dr Brian Oblivion in the newspaper

I got in to work early this morning, checked the morning newspaper and discovered that David Cromenbird had indeed been true to his word. He had contacted the print media  and placed a full page missing persons announcement for his friend and colleague Dr Brian Oblivion in today’s morning newspaper.…

Police Sketch

The NY police have this draw from a suspect man, who bought many military equipment yesterday, using a false credit card.
This police sketch is familiar to anyone?
Note: to make police sketch I used a screenshot from one Dr. Oblivion video and after draw over the image…

Dr. Oblivion is Missing!




The message from missing Dr Oblivion is everywhere…

Got Oblivion?

There have been a few milk container experiments for the “Missing Persons” poster assignment, so I decided to try my hand at in order to help get the word out about the Dr. Oblivion’s disappearance.
One thing that blows my mind about the missing persons milk container campaign of the…

Plate o’ Cookies n Milk

I can’t sleep. I can barely eat. It’s all I can do to not be scouring the streets for Dr.Oblivion.
We are on the verge of chaos here! Jim Groom has taught this course before, but I’ve heard his former students say he doesn’t EVEN USE A SYLLABUS or Rubrics!…

Missing persons poster for Dr Oblivion.

design assignment…

Daily Shoot 586 and Visual Assignment!!

For the visual assignment for making a missing poster for dr.oblivion, I thought it would be cool to try and make an old school milk carton wanted add for this assignment. I wanted to make it look pretty realistic, but ran into some trouble with the photo editing software on…

Visual Assignment II — Redux

At the behest of Jim Groom, I have revamped the poster I created.  Using Old London – Alternate Font, I gave the new poster a medieval feeling, though my original goal was to mimic the Final Fantasy XII mark board postings.  I feel very good about this version…

The Doctor is Missing!

Apparently the ds106 course has taken a turn for the worse! Not only is our beloved mentor and instructor missing, but we’ve all become part of an insidious role playing plot, forcing the ds106 participants to reveal ourselves for the nerds we really are! In case you’re wondering, I’m having…

I Will Look Too

Even though I am becoming more and more suspicious that Mr. Groom is in the shed, I shall hope not as it is infested with flies and roaches. To be sure I am here, full of life. But no matter, what the people think is not of my concern. What…

Have You Seen This Man?

Please download and print this flyer (PDF) and post. The #ds106 course must go on.
Update (June 23, 2011 8pm MST):
I noticed earlier that Teddy Broosevelt appropriated the image I made for this poster design in his design assignment. Now that’s fine with me, but I noted I would…

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